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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Asoh Yukiko and my TW girl appears in dream.

dreamt in a tour returning home. met my Tibet artist friend Benba
Chungdak. he collects painting job on street. then with him to campus
where his dorm hided his paintings. then I saw my 2 wives, a Taiwan
girl already with my son, and Asoh Yukiko who gracious as usual. they
trifled a small bit upon my love among them, and I blamed my son's
mom's improper grudge with Asoh. I'm so glad to see Asoh, who is so
beautiful and cordial forever. they likely disputed with persimmon
cakes and I brought the gift more for them. they waited for me too
long together in the campus. my once mentor in Nankai Univ, a woman in
family name Young, led me to where I saw my family. its such a proud
and relief, esp my Queens still so beautiful, I caress Asoh and calmed
down my son's mom, so pleasant that I woke up at once. napped again
found I carried 2 stone stamps to evaluate. the woman auditor
identified my own product and another inherited. she priced the old
one as ¥10,000 and encouraged me practize more on sculpture for true
value. its so nice dreams that I would rather not to talk any other
topics now. dad, God, I had lived without woman for nearly 10 years.
grant me my beloved girls, esp Asoh Yukiko, girl TW, to complete my
life long desire of beauty. bring me sooner my Royal China to maintain
Majesty, Mighty for beauty. grant me finance independence and
offspring prosperous.

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