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Sunday, August 14, 2016

dreamt of imperial army.

dreamt first about imperial army of English, France, Germany. I was
with english army which I reckon best disciplined and survived world
monarchy crisis back to world war I. then dreamt with my cousin from
his village. on way passing a cave I found a tortoise in his lair and
caught it. I blamed escorts didn't bring pincer with us. then in a
factory I cooperated on crane with my once colleagues, a man and a
woman, trying protect 2 objects while moving other objects. after the
practise I will publish a book. this morning I felt sleepy. last
Friday I in holy affirmative visited my son who muted my instant
message, against risk of being cursed by his insane mom, a small
bitch. then found my son never implement our new router vpn app. I
demonstrated him again. during the process, local cop buzzed in,
saying ccb bank entreated the police station to urge me clear my
credit debt, in the courtesy of neighborhood of their office
buildings. returned to QRRS dorm, my 2nd elder sister called. she let
me know my kid brother's recent visit was trusted by my other sibling
in hometown, and blamed him didn't complete the voyage. I told her my
kid brother's wrong perception upon cheating bank, or escapage of
debt, claiming PRC's bank system all follow modern western bank's
practice, as corporate activity, no violence no cheating once common
phenomenon in old Chinese dynasties. I told her and later my kid
brother bank's penalty acceleration will soon surplus my paying back
speed with my poor salary, making my debt ever-increasing. then she
suggested helping me to pay back once for all. I knew how poor they
are but still hopeful upon resolving my credit crisis, as holy hints.
yesterday I visited my son earlier than usual after persuading him
install a reply message app on his smartwatch after he complained no
way to reply directly on it. his mom soon brought him to go cinema
after we just test out receiving social networks' im while sending
function yet problematic. God, help us get what we want. break bridge
against our universal messaging service. grant me financial
independence before it went worse. dad God, bring me sooner my Royal
China to remove the sinking nightmare of PRC aimlessness but
devastating. bring me new family and sound business in buffeting PRC
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

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