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Friday, June 3, 2016

hometown concern.

in dawn dream reviewed my passed mother helped my aunt's last child
with her 2nd husband preparing his wedding ceremony. I regarded the
2nd husband humiliated my dad and hostile toward my dad and our
family's success. but my mother always tried her best shown her
hospitality to the man and my uncle who admired her. my mother likely
hurt my dad much with her charm unselective and spare no expense. I
was asked to join the wedding ceremony in my summer vacation and
according customs carried bride's gift to fiance's family with other
young relatives in our old family. on way a steep wet slope a heavy
truck almost can't brake itself and dangerously slip downward and
almost brought me down. I narrowly escaped the truck with load of
gifts and many years after I thought its a holy salvage. the marriage
didn't last 3 years and the wife left. my mother just can't trust her
husband and fought with all her resources in her interest. then dreamt
I made 3 portable devices for data mobility. the design so effective
that I intended to shift to my son. this week began with idling then
gradually engaged. yahoo informed me to logon to keep account active.
when logon it require verification from backup mailbox, ie. google
account. in the process quite some of zhone google accounts suspended
for suspicious activities, likely PRC backed hacking. I tried several
means to report to google, which likely doesn't support human
individual handling, but machinary rules. but 3 days later, last night
my accounts unlocked and I rearranged them as planned. its such
champion like a breeze, I sang for the giant enterprise. this week my
credit card issuer bank buzzed 3 or more occasions, we agreed to shift
my unable to pay back to next phrase, even I don't know what will be.
my younger sister offered me ¥500 and I used it for weekend reuniting
my son, ie. dining out, and my medicine. I also tried to reach out to
my teenage friend, now works in college, but in vain. the teacher felt
guilty upon his empty hand and tried to arrange me in schedule to hide
his redemption. God, dad, life here runs deeper now. let's enjoy peace
of everyday. bring me sooner my Royal China to host my guests. bring
me glory of Son. grant me independent finance in my startup. thx for
the descending summer heat.

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