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Saturday, June 18, 2016

stuck in dream danger.

yesterday dreamt snakes everywhere around me. this dawn dreamt borrow
books from my 2nd elder brother and sister. then found in a month I
will graduate and without job. so I go to Lhasa to work. but there my
nephew, ie. first son of my 2nd elder sister and his son and other
relatives electronic sucked and lots of panic, including some of
evilous students I found from those paid my son's mom to receive her
tuition at her house when I visited son. at last I tried to rescue my
relatives and entered the electrified room, consulted nearby kids
about safe spots, jumped and trying to reach lever to cut down
electricity then woke up. this week a bit busy, upgrading my son's
intel nuc with new and larger ssd bought by my supportive credit card
from PSBC even in credit crisis. China surveillance heavily attacked
me when I prepare clean OS and backup on it. they desperate broke the
minipc and blocked my son from enjoy American movies and videos
through VPN I prepared. each time within a week after my clean built
they ruin the encrypted tunnel, make youtube and amazon video
inaccessible. and this month my once and long time employer, QRRS,
likely busier with orders. my purse almost empty but now new salary
would improve it and better. credit card issuer bank buzzed but now we
are more polite, except PSBC didn't call in so far, on air. and some
of them threatened shift me to its law enforcement department but yet
happened. but the dorm canteen operator who lent me boarding before my
promised pay, turns complainful. last night a heavy rain loudly sang
when I bought dine out groupon by PSBC credit online. its just so
blessing, so I dropped my son a phone even I doubt if its too late
around 9pm. but he is agile to pick the phone, as holy affirmed. this
noon I will reunite him in champion of new availability of
entertainment. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to host my
family. bring lifestyle we enjoyed so far. help me alleviate credit
crisis in this month salary. grant us happy weekends every week.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

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