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Monday, June 20, 2016

in pre-warmth of summer 2016.

dreamt in our family's cabin. we had a party, inc my niece and guest
girls. then a guy spied us and joined our shuttercock game. we
together beat the guy till he confessed his role. its late night, then
we found in another room of the cabin, my niece lonely slept and fears
darkness. then we sorry and visited her as companions. we competed
with poems, including my nephews, for the peaceful night. yesterday I
had good time with my son. since last week I warned him pedophobia he
now loathed to hear my babbles, for my warn likely put his mightiness
in constrain. but he is so selfless and soon accepted my companion
again. I fed him with his favorite Chinese franchise restaurant,
Seejoys dunplings, where I only have less than ¥50 in purse and
constantly afraid of can't pay our bill there. next day, Sunday we
dined Japanese cuisine whose bill paid by our subscription digitally.
after shower I escorted him all the afternoon now that his mom not at
home, till the grandma prepared supper. I complained boring after we
tried video games and waiting for downloading. then I massaged woz,
whose neck and back under heavy usage in his frequent android gaming
and my concern to keep its resilient. my son more or less enjoys it.
after that I tried ice bag we recently ordered online for cooling our
legacy game notebook and works perfect, we applied it on woz's neck,
head. later he wrote awhile his homework and I continued trying to
sell the ice treatment. after returned to dorm, I busy restored my os
which damaged by China surveillance, first time it tentatively
disabled my vpn and forced me rebuilding it. the iron curtain
previously constantly broke in but maintained my world web accessible.
but they never gave up blocking my son browsing western video
websites. God, dad, grant my son richer entertainment, esp overseas
movies and TVs. forever win us broader access of world democracy and
its media, esp google and twitter, etc, to ensure our source of sound
news and judgement. help me cope my credit crisis with triumph, help
my cyberspace startup succeeds.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

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