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Monday, June 27, 2016

prelude of bank's clearance.

Dreamt of 2nd son of my 2nd brother sick, his brain grows out of
skull. Then dreamt bank clearance clerk and cops visited my house,
scan my documents, tool box, all stuff about my entrepreneur. My once
workplace, QRRS cable TV branch, its most crews gathered likely with
subpoena. Some of them suggested me handover my most recent and
cherished tool box. I admit and suggested the searching clerk about
the toolbox but found the toolbox missing. Then I out of rage and
burst in angers. Its raining and likely in my hometown village,
Zhudajiu. I also during the investigation doubting add a TOS, Term of
Service onto my websites from template my site's dynamic backend web
app offers. My nephew appears again trying to calm me, with his
illness. Last weekend bankcomm.com clearance clerk informed me 3 times
before shift my case to its law enforcement department after I admit
unable to pay after 3 months. They tired best to prevent it by
persuading me to gather the amount, about ¥3000, to hand in in time.
But I really sick to beg my alumni, my relatives again after these 3
months my finance fell in trouble and lots of survival fights bank
suggested. The bankcomm soon buzzed my relatives, including my kid
brother, a foolish and mean man with his startup, my son woz. I got
the phone to my son on the bus to dine out after shower. I debated my
situation with the clerk woman and still felt innocent. My son dislike
my trouble and urged me leave him alone soon after we returned to his
mom's house, where we ate melon with newly handover subscription
barely from my kid brother's just arrived loan, ¥300. In dorm the
possible encountering cops and law enforcement staff from bank haunted
my mind while I started reading. Later I jogged as usual. This morning
I napped all the morning, for last night my son, woz ported a night in
my dorm and too small bed let me lack of sleep. Dad God, we have faith
in your salvage after all. Grant me independent finance and focus in
my cyberspace startup. Bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain the
bright future of young Chinese, as well as due respect of adults in
sinking PRC. Thx for the holy affirmative and sunny summer sky since
#God #AsohYikiko #dream #life #love

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