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Monday, November 27, 2017

for a step firmer than novel

retrospect last week, it elipsed so peaceful. but in fact I burning
for the coming salary which turned out extraordinarily surprising.
previously I thought the year end most financially demanding tasks
completed with 2 loans from my old hometown relatives, ie my sisters &
brother. but suddenly my vpn service informed me renewal due in couple
days, exactly Nov 22. while recently my salary released usually on
19th monthly. so I took it easily. from 19th, Sunday, I looked out
hopefully descending of salary till 22rd, Wednesday. everyday I prayed
for solution. it was a sunny noon on 22rd Nov, 2017, I gave up canteen
lunch and hope my last salvage. but it didn't. then I sought out with
blessing resolution for dorm canteen's loan. they didn't refuse my
appeal, offer ¥1000 at once. with it I immediately deposited in my
icbc credit account. CCP surveillance blocked my trading attempts for
a quarter, then went smoothly. my paypal strangely refused my payment,
claiming verification failure. so I ditched it and paid via alipay, a
mainstream electronic financial tool in PRC. my vpn vendor listed
under its transaction list. might be that's what PRC surveillance
demands in defying of my paypal which done last year perfectly. then
most wanted salary release notification sms arrived: with year end
bonus, I got 4420CNY. I had previously reconed many times my budget &
salary's supportive distance, and thought I will save my purchase from
returning less to bank credit, which already warned me insufficient
pay back & possible sue over me. the main coming bill is my son's
desktop os, ubuntu on a ssd usb drive, and gift sending to my nephew
whose first child, a daughter just born. I had already refrained from
gifting his wedding ceremony nearly year ago. so this time my
congratulation really due to manifest. they both costs ¥300. with the
powerful salary, I maintained last month pay back standard, 500CNY
each for ccb & psbc credit debt, while clear all my due liability
among bills active in life, except debt to canteen loan adds more
hundreds. but in the afternoon, when I handed over ¥1700 including 200
to pay a woman staff there for my laundry, the canteen operative woman
and her husband accepted without complains. God, dad, what a wonderful
moment after so many neck breaking anticipation! in the night I
informed my son online the clearance of bills and claimed only left
unfinished is donation annually to poor kids in China mountainous area,
and bbn bible radio. but now, I want more: equipping my son woz a pair
of new winter shoes to replace his wrecked one, and my tea deficit for
months. my son's programming lesson arranged by his mom stepping in,
my preparing his desktop environment is portable os on ssd udisk
hopefully running on hardware of his old dell notebook and intel nuc
in his lounge. dad God, let my son adopt my suggestion, first step
to master typing via training tools from chrome store on his
chromebook. grant me helpful and his prompt execution for aid via
powerful google & online courseware. I have no more debt in his
education, also no more in my online business, our portal for Royal
China and democracy of China progressive. God dad, grant me another
surge of spacious budget for renew our domains year end, nearly 15
domains left. grant us happier lunar new year, and Christmas 2017. thx
for this clueless post in firm hint of publish in rest of recent

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