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Thursday, June 22, 2017

huge improvement in salary June.

gradually people around me turns better treating me. my gaze when I
jogging in dusk turns some women and girls friendly to me but also
gathers hatred. reviewing women in my life so far, I sometimes touched
by kindness and tenderness of QRRS Dorm canteen woman who operating
the small business with her diligent husband. his husband is a tall
pal, his kindness to his wife is enviable. these days I likely overdo
my kindness to them, and easier led to misunderstanding. I always
remember first time I met the spouse when their business just open,
how the woman confident and contented. I then felt I can help her with
her target, wellness & independence. now about 7 years passed I didn't
miss it. sometimes love recalls my campus life, esp master degree
seeking period when I met Asoh Yukiko. God blesses me with brave
heart, whole vision and all those memories so timeless cherished. I
don't want to hurt anyone but the canteen woman's husband likely
receiving, for his less gifted, for his property appreciated. God, fix
my poised with due humility. yesterday I gained a bonus from QRRS, my
once and long time employer, just after a day my salary released,
which increases near ¥500. the bonus addes another ¥500. with it I
renew my godaddy hosting plan for another half year immediately. also
renew billingzhu.com a year. with improved salary I ordered backup
router from taobao.com, as incredible satisfying and enzymes me in
super confident mood. 2 days passed I still felt the content.
yesterday I also retouch my homemade gadget on google sites, which now
tending to ban such hosting function and my in time usage likely saves
me extra cost from google's wonderful and generous free service. see
them on most of our zhone portals homepage, in section of blog rss
feeds and tweets, youtube, groups, donation links. its nice feeling,
for even I never master scripting skill still I probing those scripts
and tailored them into my buildups. I gain so much from my education,
my ability to self-taught. dad, God, bring me sooner my Crowned Queen,
Asoh Yukiko, and my Empire of China for larger comfort in my life, for
fulfilling the proud creator life experience. grant us a happy montly
reunion 2 days later, and monthly cinema and walmart shopping in a
pack with dearest son, woz.

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