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Monday, June 19, 2017

living meaningfully with world videos.

Its a sunny morning, I felt obliged to get up and do something. Recent
testing tomato router script put me in a worker's mindset, absolutely
nothing else beyond of task memories. I dived so hard that I merely
recognize other things than occupied by inch in inch progress I strode
outward chaos. My son last Saturday lost his desktop logon
confidential, So I taught him to reinstall windows 10 and roughly
customizing before backup to image. He reluctant but worked with me,
while his sinful mom, a cheap junior school teacher, close watching my
tutorial on computer. She occupied her house every free hours out of
work, grasps dirty money from tuitions she ought to offered on job.
After 3 years and graduated, now she every more than 12 hours in a day
earning from the educational bits even it's shabby in quality in her
campus. I more and more felt its insane. My son due entertainment
ruined for his mom's house forever a workshop for his mom and her
cheap pupils. In this view, I recently relentlessly equip my son with
lounge TV and English programs, on which he enjoys and absorbs when
his visits monthly my dorm and on my seat. I hope the moment he enjoys
staying with me and my workspace forever prolonged. So last month I
equipped him a touchpad k/m combo for convenience of remote input on
pc and android TV. The Chinese product works smart even we anxious
about keylogger and other spy wares lawless PRC breeds, in favor of
dog CCP and state surveillance. My son more or less accepted my
arrangement, promoting him from mobile games he excels now and
adopting more language and expressive method as his new skill to
master. I times and times urged him makes fair use of our borderless
web. I hope he enjoys meanings in American culture stocked in amazon
prime video and youtube, vimeo sites. My trustworthy video education,
defied me in youth decades, pacifies me more than 2 hours daily,
broaden my world view and wishfulness so much that I have to put on
forth for my son, for his beneficial social experience and nutritional
source of moral and spiritual. God, dad, my life so rich that I'm
constantly complacent. Bring my son meaningful in his scope of
activities. Bring me sooner my Royal China to protect her from poverty
grilling the land and souls CCP and PRC only left with. Bring
producing capacity our fatherland sustains before the burning out in
cheap dealer like communism. Bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from
Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for unfinished mission we beset, among a never
seen silver proud heaven on eastern Asia. Thx you, dad God.

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