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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

seasonal gifts with snow.

these weeks brewing shopping online for quite some times, empowered by
alipay virtual credit. but unfortunately godaddy doesn't support it.
so I ordered woz's new boot, google home mini as planned in this dawn.
later I will buy myself tea whose deficit last months. In dawn dreamt
of a respected elder, likely PRC general Liu Bocheng. he first in my
dream appeared as a painter, who drew golden leaves with Chinese
traditional calligraphic painting. then he linked 3 painted leaves in
a line to forge a brush and drew more in batch likely painting
software, painter which can animate painting procedure. then some
relatives of the elder appeared, claimed the renowned man never query
the elapse of his old acquaintances, for he can grasp the information
in solitude & silence. after woke up I felt he must be old partner of
Deng Xiaoping, General Liu. these days PRC surveillance turns more
rampant, and insane. last weekend it only deterred playing back &
restricted sources available via lagging internet, but last night it
shameless rip audio from online episodes real time stream, and reset
cache building minutes each after 2 or 3 minutes, just aiming upset my
watching experience. hatred in PRC, esp dogs arranged by tyranny let
me sad sometimes recently, by their desperate, cheap and total
equipped to teeth. nevertheless my son rejoiced after my analyses of
adversity we were beset, after he felt insulted by my scorn when he
refused counting money for me when I handover bills to pay our spa
groupon in front the counter. might he thought the ammount, ¥250, too
small for his engagement, but I hoped he recount before shifting to
cashier, for I just roughly fetched from my purse. but he move them
directly to cashier with whom I natively didn't trust. my son got hurt
and in next Saturday when we went cinema & bought Taiwanese sweet
juice he refused to face cashier. I first puzzled by his refusal,
blamed him shy to publicity. then I saw his attitude & reason behind.
so in Sunday luncheon, I explained why I didn't put him as independent
but a kid. we more or less reunited & the downtown hotel restaurant
lunch is delicious. after showered & returned to his mom's house, I
let him watch "Rick & Morty" while I massaged his feet. his sinful mom
tentatively arranged her lesbian friend's son came over for her
english tuition, then my son looked diligently to play steam game with
the docile kid while his mom, also the cheating kid, posed to be too
busy and left my son unfinished amid game playing. its all right God,
dad, just let the bitch does her utmost sins trying tearing my son
apart between beast & holy, hership vs fathership.

God, dad, 2017 ends soon. grant us renew all 21 domains with bonus, my
only source of surplus in bare living year long including boarding &
lodging, monthly cinema, weekly dining out with woz, dearest son.
grant us self-relying sooner my online portal of Royal China. bring me
sooner my Crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, for future ahead, for tomorrow
reality in eastern Asia. protect zhone 21 domains in our title &
promising in their far-sight & far reaching game changing. grant us
merry Christmas & lunar new year!

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