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Monday, May 22, 2017

dreamt of new born.

dreamt at my hometown with my old family who all catering a new baby
whose centered likely my son. lots of relatives jammed in the bedroom
once my old parents prepared for their first next generation's
wedding, my 2nd brother's. I held the infant and sending him sleep but
in a blink I only holding blanket while the baby missing. then on the
edge of bed and edge of the entrance of the room, on uneven stone or
plastic teeth of a plate the infant sleeping. his head left on bare
rugged without clothes cushion but thank God its OK. we carefully
shift him to new infant bed. my 2nd elder brother's wife, their first
son, my 3nd elder sister esp helpful in caring relatives crowd. the
infant under so many attentions that I felt he must be my newly born
son. in second view during a break I thought he might be also my
brother's 2nd son's first son. the nephew married a neighbor village
girl then soon divorced. he now rumored dislike woman and kept single,
that's his mother claimed about her own son in front of me. I think he
more likes his grandpa than his elder brother, who had 3 children now,
and merits belongs to be our family members but not a clue in his mom
who bold and shameless feminism, like generous, honest, integrity,
kind, etc, with which I told him in once QQ chat session years ago
before his marriage. today is Monday morning. I again in chill felt
boring and napped. yesterday I bought my son small fishes and shrimps
from an elder who is single and hopeless aside the road when I went
alone to buy fruits. I intended to do him a favor but he refused aid.
so I bought his all he charged ¥15, a small heap small fishes and a
small heap of shrimps. I left him a preach and 2 CNY extra and fled to
evade the elder's defying. I told my son how small fishes with small
hot pepper can be delicious for in my teenage my 2nd elder brother
quite sometimes bring home the food material after his school, ie. he
caught fishes in pond or fields. it left me life long appetite. I
really hope my son find the delicacy but so far I unable to contact
him about the dish the grandma loathed to prepare with before I left
in Sunday dusk. I also bought my son extra fruits, including litchi
and mango, preach, for my son loathed to let me buy fruits after
showered in public bathroom. I feed him with litchi and mango before
left him alone in his android games. we really enjoyed the fruits. on
Wednesday I will fetch his birthday cake ordered online, and celebrate
his 13 birthday together. God dad, I recently felt more solider to
accept de facto that my offspring limits to one son. I trust Holy
arrangement and humble of my son's mother family, her insanity. God
dad, grant me more children in my prime time. bring me sooner my
Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. link our nations, our blood
bond on new land that shared among us. bring more laugh and companions
in my life in family forever bright.

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