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Monday, May 1, 2017

no treat holiday.

dreamt in a dorm, Nankai campus or my QRRS dorm, I busy with my
desktop. likely previously I played with water and sands through my
under pants and gathered on my bottom. So I took off underpants and
half naked. but Zhang Chongfu, my Nankai deputy monitor, brought a
girl visitor and she waiting outside of the door. I at the moment
can't find my underpants and later someone thrown me it or I found it
somewhere. with almost put right I woke up. this PRC international
labor day holiday almost again a disaster for me: I hardly support any
treat entitles it. I ate a meal a day and still worring next 3
weekends' gathering dinning out with my son, woz, Hope of China.
however passed weeks proves fruitful in heavy workload. I second time
install Google Apps on woz new zte android without a single error
after many failures missing in wrong files and their directories, as a
false response to previous google play store pending download but
forever zero traffic as penalty to region like PRC where google
denied. I also deleted problemed payment account lest locked out again
for PRC's shame. I also found google doesn't deleted its gsuite
account after our purchase for zho.io 2 email accounts phrased out due
unpaid on time. encouraged by the news, I applied 3 new gsuites for
our new 3 domains, each claimed several GA accounts under trail period
and hoping these account's chrome sync, contact, custom search engines
and other user data maintained out of free trail period. we fatally
love google's web sync service. last Friday I also found time to rip
spam bots, minor errors on my dynamic sites, esp forum and light cms.
after near a year running the web apps, I more or less familiar with
their structure, system, just like I perceived and executed. long time
pains in ass, disorder among articles on dabbog.com, also totally
relinked structurally. my son now seemingly likes to bring new
smartphone with him, after many times I cursed him for unreachable
online. when I can't access him I wondered why it is so painful. I saw
most important thing I needed to share with him is my achievement in
life stream. I need treat, celebration for holy witness and double
joys devil eyes stolen most. but I prepared to live alone my stuff in
my darker and longer journey ahead, in my aging world of coldness,
hatred thick dusty land I stood decades. I don't afraid death nor
rotten time, I only care holy bliss, and my mission here in
northeastern China for future millennium, for Japan, US and my vested
land of China Empire from my glorious ancestor. God, dad, its lunch
time now, grant us an adequate lunch for the leisure time. bring me
sooner my Royal China to outpace the curious eyes upon my legend.
bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for my
children's cosy family space.

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