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Friday, May 12, 2017

in forging spacier Corp China.

first dreamt likely in airport lounge, I with my son in queue for
aboard. then it broke for awhile to let cargo unload. its likely
railway cargo, emergent quilts and pillows for distressed people in
problematic situation. once the queue restored, the conductor
suggested us buying trees on the way, instead of brought tree from
hometown to destiny, for former mostly better quality. after peed and
returned to bed, I dreamt with my old family, relatives. we criticized
each other, we enjoy chatters, we are family. esp my mean nephew, ie.
only son of my passed eldest sister who committed suicide in her mid
age decades ago, we disappointed by counterpart but still we
expecting. this week was a bit leisure. I picked up my zohosites and
sorted them into precious assets. quite some web services allow early
birds privilege more gracious than its current clients which feed.
google apps and zoho sites are such cases. previously zohosites free
charge of custom domain mapping for its sites users, but now it
charges. in recent years I saw zohosites potential and powerful on web
presenting, and more and more willing making better usage of it. so
this week I enable all free functions zohosites offers for free old
users, like blogs, spam control, custom form, collaborators, etc. I
was so contented by the gains! in final step, I collect/sort them into
my local bookmarks and web linkbook. this week also specially hard for
my financially coping with coming events, weekend gathering my son,
woz into dining out and monthly cinema, his coming birthday, his
lottery experience I promised to support, and my longing for a new
ring mouse to replace my old Microsoft arc touch. in God's bliss, QRRS
dispatched one child policy reward, ¥60, yesterday. then I gathered
courage from it to contact my niece in Wuhan, central China, for aid.
she generously offered ¥400, doubles my entrust. with it I immediately
ordered the innovative mouse on taobao.com. but sinking PRC
surveillance again exploited and delayed near 2 days in logistics: so
far since last morning my order status still maintained paid rather
than dispatched, which quite abnormal but usual in my case in recent
years shopping online. they surveillanced my vpn in accurate in
seconds: most cases under surveillances my critical submission online
result in immediate time out or offline. my conversation with my son,
each time broke amid, esp when I urging him adopting securer
connection. however, my sweet companion of google music, these days
last hours daily and that eases a lot pressure. coming weekend brings
many hope of joys when I gather woz, dearest son. God, dad, I'm so
contented with my life here so far, that almost leaves me more silence
of harmony. bring me sooner my Royal China to be more productive.
bring me Asoh Yukiko for brighter future family, and our offspring
that drives the eastern Asia coming centuries. thx for sunshine
outside, dad God, I know summer is soon under your shine.

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