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Saturday, May 6, 2017

a drizzle after sandstorms.

first dreamt in a party where cult or mythical power shown by a mojo, likely in San Francisco. dark magic of superpower, manipulation of mind and fate. then in my routine space when I shitting I was surveillanced. I got up for pee. then dreamt in my senior school alumni, we saw magic robot through which one's life and properties can be exported. there are several robots all can export and when you delete some information it can be restored by other robot peer. most dream details lost after sleepy got up. its a drizzling morning after 2 or 3 days windy weather, or sandstorm, which tinted sky in brown. rains seemingly due ample but this summer scarce. however most plants turning green. last night I refined zhone sites on zohosites, but PRC surveillance heavily blocked me. I finished near 12am and satisfied. I also blessed in success gaining loan from dorm canteen, ¥300, for new public bathroom groupon and other trifle bills. yesterday bankcommm buzzed in, blamed me didn't return credit debt as ¥2000 as planned rather ¥1500 I paid in 2 series months. I explained my life should put first, esp my with kid. she threatened to sue. I just can't see how ¥500 means so much for a bank. this noon I will visit my son, which I almost can't wait, for the relief loan, for new restaurant we found last labor day holiday, railway hotel which likely a SOE with high standard at least we saw rich fast meals.and for my works review in a week. but financial situation still stern: next weekend movies, 4 gathering meals in weekends before next salary day, woz's birthday celebration, etc. my hosting plan needs renew, ¥60/month. dad God, my life so fit that I envy nobody. let me walk through difficulties like on meadow. prepare us for greater descending. dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China to overcome surreal. bring me my family clean and tidy with Asoh Yukiko, for our children coming heavenly. thx for the moisture last night and now, God, for the baptism in rough of rotten atmosphere ever seen.

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