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Sunday, May 21, 2017

familiar with google form in Gsuite.

dreamt with ample details migrated into US. an elder Chinese woman
with her spouse contacted me for rent her house or living matters in
America. yesterday I happily dispatched salary and sliced it into
feeding small bills due monthly, ie. laundry, groupon for shower, spa,
dining out. woz's birthday celebration also booked. local debtee
received partial return.God dad, grant me next month reserves for my
hosting plan renewal on godaddy. this week also somewhat busy. I
napped on Monday morning after found jobless and exhausted after joys
of reunited son the day before. Tuesday morning I found I can add
feedback form onto my google sites. then I launched to learn google
form, component of Gsuite, to enrich my website's interactivity. my
long time afraid of form and script in microsoft office cured by
google form's easy to use. in an hour I build up my survey for my
google sites and published, inc checkbox, multi-choice, rate, scale,
dropdown, etc lots of elements of interactive. google form's response
analysis amazingly rich, in pie chart, bar chart, and lots of charts
that's easy understanding while informative. Friday I rebuild my
portable os on ssd, after failed to fix ubuntu's lingering error. this
time I made the bootable images more cleaner and handier. in woz's
monthly visit my dorm, I demonstrated him my websites' new element,
survey. and we enjoyed snack routinely, and hot water washing feet
powered by dorm's heater just recovered from broke down. dorm canteen
loaned me ¥100, but God knows how we satisfied in the companion and
companion of hard times. God dad, my living so far designated to deal
with a salary ¥3000/month, how real hopes and joys in dealing with the
source of income. God dad, how I endear my life with the tiny time
space here and now on the planet and before climate disaster. bring me
sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and my vested Empire
of China, and our future new land of north and water peculiar cold
sweet. grant my cyberspace startup booming in business and influence
of public mind. thx for my new summer pants with mobile pockets my
nephew offered free.

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