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Saturday, January 21, 2017

hometown flight tour 3rd almost half passed.

dreamt siblings competition on economy. mafia tried to control state
owned properties and bidding for merger. I was threatened to bid but
managed to, among my relatives influence. the flight toward hometown
esp. smooth, all my unease evaporated after a night and a day's on
way. its my first time brought a luggage and I had to ask stewardess
where to fetch it back. my son grows more confident in the journey
with flight. our neighbor seat was likely a graduate girl, we made
nice chats. we only had ¥500 budget for on road cost, and it did
cover, including taxi to my sister's house in a town, our destiny.
these days a nephew's wedding in preparing, for the bride's house too
far, in neighbor province, so she will move to hotel in the county's
capital in advance. tomorrow will be the wedding ceremony holds
locally. our returning voyage still pending, for the train ticket too
scarce to buy. we paid Ctrip.com to hunt for us, and it monitored more
than 500000 times and still going. the town's business mostly cement,
whose pollution quite severe. but today is second sunny day since our
settlement and sunniest one so far. the 2 sons of my sister each has a
car. their house newly furnished. I even already looking forward to
return while my son still find funs here. all equipment we brought
with us works well here, allowing woz to demonstrate online games with
gamepads, mobile games chromecast to large LCD. hope he find friends
here. God dad, we still have 12 domains to renew, pl grant us space to
execute it. bring me sooner my Royal China to host our friends and
relatives in glories. bring my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko,
for my family and children. thx, dad.

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