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Sunday, April 24, 2016

my marriage in dream.

dream of my new marriage. my passed parents prepared me for new
marriage. my 2nd elder brother managed custom and celebration team
from the village, Zhudajiu. I saw my parents-in-law, my fiance, who is
shy free and visited us the night before rite. I saw clear I never saw
here. last week banks' call of returning credit deficit were frequent.
I buzzed my 2nd brother, kid brother and 2nd sister. my kid brother,
likely the only one who affordable to help, always felt frustrated
upon my conversation or appeal, refuted me 2 times, but finally called
me back last Saturday. he got all my credit card number, likely trying
to cancel them. he said banks' call disrupted him a lot and can't bear
it without actively dealt my problem. God, no matter how the problem
large, I always look my business bright in the end. but I really don't
know how to return the $70000 in my so pinched situation. this month
my salary in 3 serie months as low as 1800. I had to borrow to live
up. my son woz last Friday night visited my dorm. we ate grilled
mutton as scheduled. I don't feel like to put him in panic of economic
slump. he more and more silent upon my insistent life we deserve.God,
dad, I want get through hardness alone, with hope and prayer. God, I'm
confident my debt, 75000, is not a big sin. help me reverifying it.
this spring chill lingers, and put my dorm quite uncomfortable. bring
me sooner summer heat with life we enjoy. bring me sooner my Royal
China for grace. save Japan from earthquake suffering, save my crowned
Queen, Asoh Yukiko, and show us the union fasten our 2 nations.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

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