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Monday, April 4, 2016

my university pals visited me in dream.

dreamt of my Nankai schoolmates visited my house in their study. last
Saturday I worked overnight to install ubuntu for my son's computer
which frequently hacked by China surveillance. so this morning I
napped. in dream when I returned to my house likely also my ex-wife's,
to my surprise, all my Nankai alumni there resting, playing card,
chatting, etc as tourist, just like when we studied in campus. they
likely in their 2nd field practice except without me who is old and
trying hard to make a living. I saw Chenxinjian, Chengfeng I recently
contacted for help, also saw Muyunhe, Wangyanping, alumna whose
comment is sharp, saying I getting old. they all settled in my house
at home. this month my salary in serial was around ¥2000 while my
living cost for my son and my own is the number and additionally bank
charges ¥1000 for my credit overdrawal. in frequent banks calls, I
felt more or less burnout. I contacted some of my senior middle school
alumni for help. most of them evade me, but a promising guy, our
always number one academic score holder, acquainted my hardness. last
Sunday reunite woz, my dearest son, Hope of China, is quite warm
memory now. we dined rich, played games heartedly, chatted on profound
far sighted topics. upon my shortage I offered him 2 options, less
visit or dined cheaper, he chose the later, which made me prouder. its
sunny spring now, fine weather these 2 days encouraged me putting on
my best clothes. for God's mercy, my nephew, elder son of my dearest
youngest elder sister, who operates an online clothes shop, prepared
me some alternatives. God, dad, my life so far is enjoyable. pl don't
deprive our leisure and pleasure in the moulding of our Empire of
China of 1109 years ahead. only living happy deserves our vested
kingdom. pl help me step by step relieve my burden of bank loan, and
grant us of purchasing power continuous. thx dad, bring me sooner my
girls when we matter each other. enliven me by new children I breed.
thx for this silent morning after KFC breakfast.
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