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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

rarely dreamt of youth partner.

dreamt first time of youth friend, Qiuxiaolin. yesterday I napped
several times but still today felt exhausted. after canteen breakfast
I satisfied and napped. I dreamt Qiu xiaolin, my Nankai alumnus and
close friend of literature, visited me in my hometown. some neighbor
kids, Zhudahua, Zhuhongying, etc, played our pingpang ball. sometimes
they asked my judge for who can play. I told them there r several
balls and enough. Qiu must discussed our favorite literature and also
relaxed with kids and fun. I had 2 friends in campus. one is Qiu,
another is BianbaQingda, Tibetan artist I never contacted soon after I
stepped into my empirical career in QRRS. that's nearly 20 years. Qiu
is now likely a professor in his hometown, southwestern China,
Bianba's paintings getting public and must also return to his
hometown, Lasha. and that's all I knew. they have my best wishes.
yesterday is lunar mourning day, dorm canteen out of service again. I
ate KFC breakfast and a cheap but consolidate lunch. the additional
cost made my reserve for reunite son in weekends in April turns even
poorer. God dad, grant me freedom of living dignity. empower me rent
hosting service online for my business on the earth in holy
affirmative. bring me sooner my Royal China to enlighten the eastern
sky. thx for peaceful moment of nap and crisp air after last dusk
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

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