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Friday, April 8, 2016

dream of flying.

So I napped again after a sandstorm noon. I dreamt using water as fuel
and a pair of light wings. I flied over a slop and carefully
calculated fuel consuming. on the hill of my hometown, I finally ran
out of water fuel and woke up. in the past week banks called me
several times but now less burning. I hope my business outruns the
ever accumulating profit in addition principal in a decade. this week
financial hardness embarrassed me so miserable that sometimes humbled
me to bite, esp occasionally an old cop near retired age ate his rich
lunch in dorm canteen with his pal in canteen. after restored hope of
life, my dinners in canteen even delicious since then, from complain
of loan from its operating woman. this week my restoring dynamic sites
also makes proud progress. backup partially imported to new database,
and fresh web apps targeting new domains tried and satisfying. our new
site gathers thin traffic but God, plenty of holy world, let me feel
capable of the online presence now and then. my own especially glad to
see these beautiful huts of interactive, of hospitality, of service,
regardless sunshine nor turbulence. they will be history and morality,
will be testimony of holy commitment. previously I tried hard to build
them on google infrastructure, but now financial situation hardly
support it, and compatibility with php less satisfying. now I found
cheaper hosting at godaddy. and free hosting at byet.host. God, dad,
let the freedom of cyberspace persistent, let the internet affordable
forever. above all of them, I gladful upon hardware upgrade last year
I pushed recklessly. dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China to foster
good world closing the sinking PRC, bring me sooner my children, my
girls with whom I prayed so long online. in coming salary pl allow me
to alleviate more or less my credit overdraw burden. grant us purchase
power among my dear credit cards. thx, dad, in this chill afternoon.
Photo Description: woz, Hope of China, has painting lesson arranged by
his mom. here his talent artwork in early stage.

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