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Sunday, April 17, 2016

rare dream of my passed eldest sister.

dreamt of my once brother-in-law. this week I restore my 3 dynamic
sites powered by web apps. cleaning data costs some time, but
godaddy's cpanel quite helpful and setup quickly. yesterday I
demonstrated my work to my son, woz, Hope of China, and confessed how
I love my own hut of communication, my own publication like the
website. this dawn I dreamt visiting my passed eldest sister's house.
my eldest sister committed suicide in her prime time, likely after
long time disharmonious with her husband. I love my sister very much
and my old family in debt of my sister for her marriage with a worker
which life much easier than our in early hardest time of PRC. I dreamt
my siblings gathered to visit my eldest sister's house. on a fork road
stop we met our brother-in-law, a widow now, trying repair his
tricycle. his son, my cousin grew up his teenage in my old family
after his mother's passed by and under my parents' custody with his
younger sister, offer a silent helping hand in the house and delayed
there while most of my siblings leaving. I tried to blog after got up
but memory scattered and I napped again. then dreamt I was forbidden
to communicate with the brother-in-law, but get a "matb" certificate
of permission to create access with the past. I also dreamt I on my
website considering published a worker's poems. he is an employee of
my once workplace, QRRS. his poems mostly old styled and mirrors PRC
old custom. I likely then attending a site owners' seminar. last week
PSBC bank urged me to return overdrawal of my credit card. I contacted
my senior middle school alumni and one of them offered me ¥1000. even
I badly need ¥5000 to facilitate fluit of my credit, I can't blame my
alumnus' poor kindness. I hope step by step break barrier of locked
credit. God dad, my web site, esp powered by database and web apps, is
my contribution to the world voices. pl help me maintain it and let it
booms. grant me renew my hosting plan graceful and reasonably secured
duration. grant us the cosy workspace we enjoy now. bring me sooner my
Royal China, my girls and my offspring in time. dad, let my dearest
eldest sister stays in my heart and forever in love. let the coming
history witnesses the blessing her concerned.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

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