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Thursday, November 9, 2017

fortitude woz.fm 2 more years renewal

dreamt of a podcasting event. the host likely recent hot leaker, Guo
wengui(@KwokMiles), who revealed lots of dark secret of CCP high
ranks. the first version was cancelled and the Guo decided to remake.
a new van pulled in, likely as an award for publishing, but its tire
is half empty. I among other volunteers push the van to podcasting
stage. I also handle the microphone, wire connection, recording etc.
yesterday really over elated. a planned event aid by my elder brother
realized: renew woz's dearest domain, woz.fm for 2 more years now that
migration to new registrar who support 4 years ahead to prescript. our
first registrar, godaddy forbidden more than a year to renew the
domain, so every year I was anxious about it, and last year I really
paid more for the domain after it enter recovery mode strangely before
expire date. also, the domain under icann's administrative increases
price $25 since next month. so I badly want to save the ¥500 before
new renewal charge complies. I never thought I would raise money from
my hometown relatives who mostly live average wealth. but God know its
OK. my kid brother who has a small mill & bought 2 large houses,
dishonored me heavily each time I ask for loan, did same lest my more
aid requests. but my 2nd elder brother, my childhood main enemy and in
recent years whose contribution to our old family, esp his favorite
fishing skill brought more colorful meals in our old family times,
warmed my heart and turned me into gratitude, and started to
appreciate his loneliness. this time he touched by my cause & urged my
kid brother leased the loan from him own proxy, even his family was
not so capable to loan me. God dad, now I gained loans from both my
sisters and brothers, each ¥1200. 2017 designated to be blessing, like
yesterday's shallow snow here. God dad, grant me grow our fortitude
against harsher siege PRC surveillance setup us. let my ancestor's
gift and needed support reach us in time. let copycat tyrant missing
in frustration. bring holy glories on shinny earth. bring me Royal
China and my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko to broaden my life
entrenched so far here from limelight.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

a promising morning out of still water.

this post designated to be brief: I just want to report my satisfaction yesterday and today. yesterday I blogged without dream's escort and narration went smooth. this dawn I dreamt my temporary inhabitant in a remote place, say northwestern China. I managed a lot and barely got to aboard, on train or airline, to Harbin. near last stop then I found my hometown far from Harbin where almost half China apart from central China, my hometown. so intensive triumph turned half completed, I didn't regret but knew new journey ahead homecoming. then I woke up after vivid dream. yesterday I posted among boring, pale reality without nutritious dream. I contented with my work and avoid lunch. dining time I felt rewarding, and all female people I concern shown in daily jog outside around QRRS square. they leave me complete in complacent. after settled in dorm and TV time began, my kodi heavily surveillanced. search result of my favorite episode appeared but playing back abrupt quit before rolling up. still I harvested via youtube which much readier accessible. I learned current world affairs, some situation in China first hand there. I also enabled gzip on my web server for speedier page load, after google reports test result on my site performance via gmail promotion. that's really nice to boost my site for greater audience. I have no other means to improve our voice, Royal China's emerging gospel, for world and our people beside this tiny technology. God dad, I really enchanted by podcasts' companion all day long during deadly siege of PRC tyranny, thx for the commodity, grant us freedom of voice & informative stream on base of poverty prevails mainland China. bring me sooner my Royal China to broaden national. bring our Christmas day gift on time and cure our need of support of our living as well as investment in cyberspace. bring me sooner my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to extend my life folded so many years alone. dad God, let me resilient as usual.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

zhone site now have seamless ssl.

Its a sunny golden summer morning. in the week I hardly in detailed dream, but still I felt so blessed. internet in PRC tightened much since the ccp congress. ai powered surveillance periodically disabled my internet upon triggered key word or something other incurred self-posed punishment. it can be dozen times in an hour. quite boring and spiteful. in the beginning of last week I almost thought I will be idle totally, but then on Wednesday I saw tasks: reinforce zhone dynamic sites with ssl from let's encrypt, a website promotes ssl worldwide with its free certificates issued more than thousands hundred copies. dabbog.com backend webapp also need update after near 2 weeks delay since its official update. I contacted godaddy hosting but the support crew made it clear that as a main upgrade godaddy will free itself responsibility but let my alone to do the update lest failure of lost. I loathed to join security tasks for I lack hacker experience and IT security training. after a day scrutinized the operational I launched near dinner time to upgrade my site, and smoothly done in an hour. it really cheers me up with new confidence in server management. next day I prepare ssl upgrade. I previously thought cert installation is the core problem, but soon I was detained by domain ownership verification hours. for one of my registrar's dns strangely didn't support root level text record, I have to single out a domain under the registrar for single certificate. then I got my first let's encrypt cert installed for 3 domains verified by dns txt record. cost some more time google web server's .htaccess hacking not to block file upload to server for verification, the another ownership of verification method adopted smoothly and 2nd let's encrypt cert installed. both likely least cost while my option one is server extension installation which has more impacts on linux os. its really marvelous to see zhone sites' ssl green & formally. since my first website on google cloud my ssl which is self-signed, never independent without malware's precaution and more click through before homepage load out. I also spend little more time to rip off http source of header & footer images to ensure full site ssl. in the weekend, ie Sunday, I demonstrated my work narrowly done in Saturday to my son, woz. my site traffic also booming recently, thanks God and faith we beholding. now its another Wednesday aimlessly, God dad, bless us with some engagements. bring me sooner my Royal China, and my Crown Queen Asoh Yukiko, for family & homage. grant us year end bonus to sustain my small investment online, and our business never so prominent in China history.