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Thursday, May 15, 2008

even heavily being blocked, created my cause

even heavily being blocked and hacked i finished creating a cause in title "China Democracy" on my facebook app causes.com, in the aim to appeal to more audience for the healthier development of democracy in China. u can access it at http://apps.facebook.com/…uses/86537

or u can access it hosted on myspace at http://www.causes.com/…uses/86543 .

prevously i had built a change with changes.com on facebook apps. it accessible here at http://apps.facebook.com/…/view/1690 .even they didn't call near a single fan, but its existence was a triumph of the power of freedom.

i love my voice of freedom over China as well as the world, for changes and democratic China. i mean it, with my poor resource and full devotion.

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