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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cloudy days, in want for transit life.

 a cloudy morning, looking forward sunshine. the likely infected os let me anxious, i pray God saves my works online&locally. prepared recent photos, including first time trying&succeeded making 2 panorama for scenes of the village, my hometown, Zhudajiu, since breakfast. first panorama tool likely a virus or trojan, but i managed to make progress with my task with cares. those frequent girl students in village in weekends visited again, for today its International Children's Day, they wear smart and free and in high mood. but some demons among them almost ruin my works by prudently challenged me via messing my daily equipment, ie. camera¬ebook. God, i badly need a new storage for stuff from web. save&secure my works from threats around, esp. the dog system in nowadays China.

a blessing raining day.^prepared&posted a blog entry to include recent photos, done till after lunch. read. secured family gmail accounts by verifying&adding associated alternative emails. sorted stuff newly from web&backup. lately afternoon listening bible radio&touched by holy message. sister finally buzzed in&told me her arrangement to lent me to buy a portable hard disk. a great relief. haunted outside after dinner, chatted with the state grid worker in the village, and some other villagers, about culture and countryside life. visited elder brother's house&cared his grandson awhile while he is absent. mother&visiting eldest brother again challenged me in my room when i lean on bed watching TV. another sinful woman, my second elder sister also buzzed in&inquired about my purchase. baby said playing pc game with his mom, who let me chat online next morning. God sees how i reinforced in the radio's gospel. 

cloudy morning. treated visiting kids.^2 groups of village kids visited dad's house when i still on bed. got up&treated a kid girl and boy with animation online. read&listening bible radio alone. then some girl students visited, shown them google search for their name. they played pc games later. mother a bit unease, but they played enough before left. i let download&now surfing. sunshine likely will commence at noon. a nice morning.

clouds turned into sunshine afternoon.^mother cooked 糍粑 ciba, very delicious. just got recent photos backup to my flickr account. sang&got sunburn in recent sunshine among clouds. hopefully soon i will get my new portable hard disk. haunted the village front plaza, chatted with the state grid worker for quite some time, till saw the girl students teamed to wander. followed them&let one of them using my camera as she asked to shot photos for her pals&me. visit the fish pond. chatted with baby&his mom longest online, while they busy with pc game. read all night.

last night felt dirt around before sleep. this morning felt sleepy after got up. activated family box.net accounts' uploading emails&backup. treated visiting village girls with games. dozed again when they gaming. 

girl students in village tested me for appealing.^last night felt dirt around before sleep. this morning felt sleepy after got up. activated family box.net accounts' uploading emails&backup. treated visiting village girls with games. dozed again when they gaming,  in dad's old house, where is cool while hot sunshine outside. created personal folder for family web store accounts. so glad to see sunshine resumed. dozed some time after noon. chickens woke me up to surf, till those girls, even more, visited. let them listening a song they likes. them gamed on my notebook near 5pm&left. hunted for resource to d/l. when mother cooking, i haunted outside in dusk. after returned home, doubting my age&my girls, as well as my new life in new marriages. buzzed baby's mom, emakingir, about baby's coming lunar birthday.

comments by benzrad on the day.
yes, a Chinese. for English's inspiring, and making difference from Chinese nowadays sometimes quite ugly, i blogged in English.

sleepy morning.^first time didn't got up midnight to urinate. woke up by urine but mother already calling to breakfast. read&let d/l in front yard when it still in shadow of wall. baby's mom, emakingir, called&chatted online when her office work started. i help her import contacts of box.net's secret upload emails. dozed again in music on bench openly. power down awhile, when i sorted stuff newly got from web. read again after power supply resumed. so nice a day, with sunshine not so stringing.

radio software infected my os, God saves.^read alone most day. mother don't prepared lunch for me for busy with caring grandson of elder brother, who busy with harvest rapeseed. most time in music. when i launched radio software aiming to listen bible radio, pc infected by virus. powered down notebook&haunted outside. some ugly villagers in front plaza talking about bullet&crime. i watched stream. mother holding her grand-grandson talked to me. closer to watch a house with spacious yards and trees and pond in front of the village. mediated aside the fish pond, on the rebellion&new riches among villagers, power of money&sin of imprudence&arrogant upon the Son. cared the grandson-in-law when sky turned dark&mother returned to collect drying clothes against rain. dinned lately delayed by mother. comment on web. chatted with baby&his mom online. baby ate cake&ice porridge. i buy the bill on my online finance.

comments by benzrad on the day.
benzillar: RT Nan Chen (@gokeeper): 高考临近关闭网吧,这是我国领导层智慧的又一次突出体现。shits! should accuse the head dog to court.
benzrad zhu - 死盯着一个社会标准的人也该死。每个人都应该学会用脚投票。只有多元化的思维方式才能巩固民主社会。取消单一标准才能避免用条框扼杀创制性,保存社会原创和冲动。九年画画就为进清华附中,这个家长难道不讨厌不趣味低下吗?

- benzrad's clog on [大 千世界]方刚:今 年清华附中特长生招生中的黑暗一幕

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

panorama of zhudajiu front fields, mountains&neighbor villages.

benzrad, 朱子卓, in a pose.

a stone bridge made by villagers, don't know if includes my passed dad, whose earliest works most for bridges in Mao's era.

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