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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

passing the dangerous spyware in the day.

a fine day.^yesterday is fine when i left office in dusk, as God nods me. i read&gained from web. secured myspace account, linked it with my facebook. sorted portable suite at last. the dying monitor all time trying to profane, so did the dying neighbors&once my colleagues in the building. in night buzzed baby, when his mom felt at a loss&warn not to receive my call any more, baby talked to me&ordered not to call in. its so charming to hear his naive voice. around 8:34pm, i buzzed him again for assurance, they shown me their hospitality as usual. i again woke up earlier than 6am this morning, in the sweet memory of love. its a chill morning, but God, u know, bliss in air is thick. thx for ur protection when i secured my work environment yesterday, dad.

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