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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

dusk down lunar largest holiday.

dreamt my publishing career got happy ending: my novel published or my literature awarded. my passed mother accompanied me to return to my hometown, where new houses building. quite some villagers congratulated me while myself also enjoy my success, my narrative style studied by scholar and critics. This is a sunny morning. I still feel not prepared to utter anything. Last week is interesting: I first time settled up arch linux, which renew my experience of dos decades ago. Linux really amazing! And by chance we also experienced raspbian, another wonderful linux distribution release. Both speedy on our raspberry pi 3, which turns a full functional pc from toy. I really enjoy the gadget. Arch linux so impressive that I decided to install it after my old chromebook’s EOL met. This breakfast is satisfying, while the operative man frequently coughed during serving let me anxious his illness infectious. His wife promised to wash my clothes but likely now the task shifted to a mid aged woman works there. They kept my dirty clothes for 3 weeks there intact. And yesterday the woman washing claimed she brought my clothes home to wash, not within the dorm nor its canteen. So they cheat me, and let my clothes more vulnerable to virus, privacy more looser. God dad, this week my alipay credit debt amounts to near 700 CNY, help me in these 2 months, whose income usually inclines lower due to corporate earning less after lunar holiday. Dad God, time turns more hard to kill in my aging, my life more miserable in waiting, waiting for gathering, waiting for glories, even waiting for better meals with my son. Bring me sooner my Royal China, bring me sooner my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to accomplish my earth life. Grant me another child, whose cyberspace I preparing since last year. Thx dad God.

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