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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

family baptized in Nen river, enjoy buffet on way home.

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baby son always has the best idea. last Saturday he suggested family haunting Lun river, which a half of hour bus from his mom's house. and i long time since return from my hometown journey suggested letting me treat baby son with his favorite restaurant. baby likes buffet as usual. ema arranged it around 2pm in Sunday. its really a bright tour, we babbled a lot on the bus, waved lots of bubbles in the river Lun, shot lots of wonderful photos in the river. and when ema felt hungry, baby narrowly agreed to leave, with the promise we will return there next week. in buffet i completed my dinner soon, while ema prolonged the pleasure as her best. the coffee really nice, arrest both of the adult in the family. 
God sees. now i first time enjoy surfing under my account since the tour back to Qiqihar. surely brighter the sky above me and my Royal of China.

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