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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mean Chinese

i guess maybe its because the founder is a Chinese, whose doctrine rightly seeking meanness. Chinese might be spiteful, esp. Chinese on mainland or under Communism or PRC.
Chinese, esp. China, has to change itself. that's God's message in new era for the long life tribe and scary land in its recent history. the stupid insolence and meanness had to ditched, God loves human that's noble. Chinese can live like herds and flocks which despise itself&worsen its living sanity&load of making a living. God choosing among Chinese, for the new start of Empire of China under title of Zhu's, the owner of latest native Chinese nation dissolved about 300 years ago.
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  (原文:MarketWatch 作者:John C. Dvorak 译文:新浪财经)

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