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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

blazing day with work load.

a busy day.^posted recent comments in a blog, finished till late afternoon.  posted panorama of QRRS dorms to panoramio.com after China surveillance failed me many many times. geared up my adsense to cover more family sites. read&attending d/l. stayed in office near 7pm, chatted with kid brother about his corporate site, pinschina.com, about dynamic content. fetched baby who in his music school with his mom. baby less glad, so in night again talked to his in phone about the blessing on his dad. also elaborated with brother on air about google apps as office online, separating with public site which can harness wordpress as cms. he likely don't gain enough knowledge on site building. its again a brilliant morning. God, save my joy in stuff from web,esp games. thx.

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