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Monday, September 6, 2010

failure of any Chinese stemmed from sinful mainstream of PRC

Lee is the living failing Chinese between China&the western. he nothing but a cheater&loser, even once witness the plenty&creative in western culture. he is far from a broker between sino-US, but a shameless betrayer of google even when google paid him. he is the vivid inferior of Chinese as born with weak backbone, a fart  licker of autocratic PRC. his career as well as personal life after left google doomed to be nothing but void&noname. world doesn't echo his new brag of business but a laugh soundless.

Google warned on China plans

By Kathrin Hille in Beijing

Published: September 5 2010 18:51 | Last updated: September 5 2010 18:52

Google’s technological lead over Baidu has eroded, the company’s former China head has said, highlighting the increasing challenges western internet companies face in the world’s most populous internet market.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Kai-fu Lee said western internet companies had no chance in China unless they build a more nimble and flexible local presence and retain a strong technological edge.

“Multinational players [must] hire the right senior people and empower them to have the flexibility to win [in China],” said Mr Lee, whoresigned as president of Google’s operations in China a year ago


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