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Saturday, October 2, 2010

dawn bliss in drizzle for young life.

a night in bliss.^yesterday is meaningful for me. even penniless, i managed borrowed ¥20&bought baby KFC food in last gathering his mom refused us upon baby's refusal my once drinking in his cup of Pepsi cola. when i arrived, baby just in low mood, for his mom scorned him. after ate the food i brought, he rejoiced&start to watch animation while i busy with backup stuff from web. he first time closed the door of his room to avoid dirt from his mom's boy pupil. he also save my love with his cry when i mistakenly close his player&lost playing history. his mom fetched him&he stayed in bedroom till i ready for game&invited him. we tried new magic games. he&his mom arranged to leave Qiqihar to visit his mom's relatives in a city of 3 hours train tour. its so beautiful moment when we babbled in balcony sunshine while his mom went out to prepare food on train. he also broke my glasses in game. after returned to QRRS, i arranged to buy a new glasses with a loan of ¥50 from the vendor, ¥60 prepaid at once. before night i clear most of my debts, mainly with restaurants nearby. after treated a dorm pal who loaned me last night with ¥10, i was left less than ¥50 from 2 weeks' living support, ¥200 baby's mom handed over to me. It drizzled in dawn while i lately slept, till near 10am i got up. i know God saving my young girls. after 11am, i fetched my new glasses, ate a merely rich lunch, now i be seat in office to kill time. God, Asoh Yukiko, bring my girl zhou to me, write out my bills&let me act in freedom. i love ur drizzle so much, bring peace&away from wanting to my heart.


dreamed of my passed dad, God.^yesterday can be an hour prolonged. i waited d/l till 6:30pm left office. dined in debt nearby, where the chef, a demon dirtily challenged me for several times. roamed in dorm all night, reviewing mafia led by sins in office restlessly attempting earning from me by bloodiness. this morning dreamed of my passed dad, so vivid never seen in years, preparing Ciba, 糍粑, in hometown. later mother joined&family enjoyed the Chinese traditional delicacy. Its a brilliant morning, i ate breakfast as God lets. thx, God. Today is last day before National Day vacation. hope i can play new games with baby son.
bring my girl zhou, who re-appeared yesterday noon in QRRS, to me, God, in this vacation, let me have companion. Asoh Yukiko, join me in new life right now!


a day in bliss of rain.^posted a blog entry to include recent tweets&photos, esp baby in new clothes. fix failing autopost, refined baby's second qzone his mom help him claimed months ago. it drizzled before noon, so sweat in memory&faith of Asoh Yukiko, my Japanese Crowned Queen. China surveillance blocked heavily amid the operation, in joint with the sin on facing desk in office. God, none in the world exists between us, the trinity, none can probe the exchange in One. saves my works online, saves my Empire of China in its broken trash in end of darkest&hopeless brutal failure.


a day thankful while shallowly sorry.^yesterday mostly a raining day. left office earlier than work time after got stuff from web, returned to QRRS dorms in pouring rain. in canteen i ate second loaned dinner. in night in dorm reviewing my love. by reviewing the risk free waiting for d/l finished, i learned God just lets me be patient, in the end universally gift i yearning for waiting for me, just no hastle. buzzed baby son in agitation, but he told me not buzz him, for he busy with study. the dorm sees these days wading of young residents, and most rooms on the floor now shut door in night. however, now its a bright morning as i expected. God, bring my girls to me, esp. Asoh Yukiko, and my girl zhou. i need even urgenter a new family now, u know.

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