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Saturday, October 9, 2010

my birthday, in a business.

a day of my birthday, recharged.^reading all day while in heavy dirt from sins, ie. gays, in office. God let me gain from web like produce from field. its still foggy in morning, since last night, but turned weakly sunny in afternoon. i tried facebook new group feature as reported in my rss feeds, but unfortunately they were still unavailable for old groups. chatted awhile with hometown relatives in QQ, but not much fun. these days i frequently reckon support from Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen of Japan, if the sum could solve my deficit now gathered to near ¥2000, and my wish list for new year, a Dell game notebook will cost ¥7000, &some other spending like hometown duty, ie. support my old mother, write back broadband bill for my work online in my last hometown vacation from April to June, 2010 , ¥1000, &finally clear debt to my Taiwanese friend who help register domains, ¥2000. i badly want to treat my baby son&his mom 3rd time with toasted mutton, in a nearby restaurant next to the local church. God, these days i live in penniless but survived so well, i enjoyed every bite so sweet! God, i thank u for the weightless life, pl let me do as i will in coming year end celebrations. bring my girl zhou, or anyone of my girls into my arms, Asoh, u know, bring my new life from dream into routine&concrete.

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