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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

dreamed alumus on her door.

dreamed with my son roamed in remote place near Tianjin, northern China, my university city. I carried my passed mother's corpse and search for service to bury it. we were refuted once for too expensive. then near country fair we met Gao Jun, my once alumni who soon after army train in beginning of PRC campus migrated from our major into Economics, but stayed in dorm of our school girls. her husband or brother inquired our problem and extended his help, out of Chinese taboo. we likely rested there and waited for more money remit from our relatives, or aided by Gao to settle our funeral. the northern country side scene lonely detailed in dream, different from my hometown, central China. last night it drizzled, left wet ground when I went to dorm to breakfast. last night I put 2 pillows in stack and its the highest pillow I ever had with my own, for the cover of my pillar sent to laundry. yesterday I half day roaming in dorm, except reading informative web as routine. my life more and more turned like an elder, or even worse, like those retired gathered in gate ball game outside near my dorm window view. they found no fun in the game, no challenges, no exciting, but just gather and moving. still there are fights among common Chinese, like the dorm canteen. the operational couples loathed to invest more on food materials, but spare no efforts to advertise, to celebrate its anniversary. the result is fewer and fewer customers. I usually had less than a bowl meat in a week there. it doesn't hurt me much as a mandated vegetarian, but let me slender. recent months my throat more and more choked by phlegm, I had to cough hard to spit it. my backbone also turned inflexible: after standing up it takes quite few seconds to waist straight from sitting. usually the most exciting moment in a week is to gathering my son, woz. his sinful mom tentative separates us, frequently change my son's timetable to drive my son away from my side. God dad, the drizzle turns heavier. dad God, my life runs full and merry. no matter how sinister attempted to ruin it. grant us our web business booming and self-relies. bring us sooner Royal China for better future. bring me my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for my second baby, billing zhu. God dad last salary means so much for us. my wrecked shoes, which embarrassed me again last raining Sunday when turned wet, now replace by new one. my son glad with his new chromebook bag he chose his own. God dad, in coming alipay credit returning day, let us anxious free. thx God dad.

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