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Monday, July 2, 2018

tears and fears in Jun 2018

passed week is the most financially gifted period in my life. first I
got an installment from alipay for my son, woz's new mobile to replace
his worn 2 cellphones. then the vendor, Asus mobile, refund us ¥800
even lately reached us. then my younger brother offered us 200 as his
payment to launch a conversation with me. then my nephew, ie 1st son
of my best beloved 3rd elder sister's, who operates an online clothes
store at taobao.com, refund us 500 after we sent him 400 for thanks
for he bought us clothes. I used it to renew our domain, zho.io for 2
years. my son didn't pay enough appreciation to those new clothes, esp
short pants with mobile pocket, under his sinful mom's force, but I
urged him doing so and it fixed. we both put on new short pants after
shower. his new mobile, Asus zenfone 3, with an international approach
and won favor among international developers' endeavor, bring us
alternative rom to replace malware infected PRC restricted os the
devil CCP government controlled in the territory before its scattering
fate. the new os, Android 8.1, is the latest OS we ever have, that's
very exciting. we are so proud of our choice of Asus, with which we
now had 4 products, ie. chromebox, chromebook, monitor, mobile. its
refund, out of expectation and our best surprise, proceeds a week. I
pre-spend it and pray its descending after exciting purchases
including my first smartwatch, pebble v1. the kind vendor always
pacifies me with promise, but I was unease so much. In God's
affirmative, I witness the grace in time and fully. my mean younger
brother in guise of paying my coach, sent me 200 before launch a
conversation. he tentatively delayed promised support of my lodge to
dorm canteen in half year, ¥700/mon, trying hurt me and hate of my
peaceful life. in this morning, sunny and usual, God dad, bring me
sooner my Royal China. leave me evil temptation from my dark relatives
and PRC surveillance. prepare us steady development of life and skill,
and passionate. this week also reminded me of danger in PRC, esp here
in QRRS. a once dorm lodger, an once graduate newer several years then
mine, turned dogs and inspired by mafia, tried to coerce me after
first tried to humiliate me by ignore my nod. he put on black mask
half face hidden and threaten me with mob's attitude. my dorm room
lock likely under hack by dorm administrative staff, ie. the electric
tech worker, an old mule trying hurt after hopeless challenged me. the
neighbor half room of the toilet, formerly warehouse, now occupied by
administrative woman, in role both worker/staff and lodger. in that
guise the cow easily broke into my dorm and poison me or surveillance
me. God dad, I knew the holy protection, still I hope sooner the
removal of insecure environment. bring me sooner my new family, my
Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and my 2nd child. save me from
anxiousness of future financial support. grant us light joy in this
weekend cinema time.

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