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Monday, February 27, 2017

dream in first school day of woz's 2017 spring term.

dreamt 2 or 3 my privileged senior middle school alumni, Zhu Zehua,
who's technical subjects usually score quite high, and some others
long time no see. we corporate and compete to produce rebellion
weapons. we also compete intelligently. we passed my hometown dam,
spring well with crowd among which we escape enemy's hunting. this
week a bit sad. gay in neighbor dorm room desperate stalks me.
surveillances my usage of toilet and follows to shit and leave it
unflushed. the sickened soul pretends coughing for quite some time and
he should dies in illness. my son's mom, the small bitch also tried
her best to challenge me. they mimic my son's monthly cinema day and
invited her mom to go cinema the night before my gathering day with my
son. all her knowledge is outdated and poor quality but still she day
by day gathering pupils at her house for tuition. one of her girl
friend whose father lent me camera when my son given birth at hospital
found some old photos of my son in the hospital agrees to send me
those precious photos but now hold back by the bitch, son's mom, for a
bargain. my son yesterday irritated me and I had to give him a lesson.
we previously agreed that our new broadband was a bliss holy and we
should make good usage. but on Sunday when I went to see him, he even
didn't power on broadband router in his house, but just reading paper
book of rephrased Chinese classic, A Dream of RED Mansions. I went mad
with his ignorance. I show brutal violent threat and scorned him for
near half hour in cause of his failing VPN and system update. I didn't
mean hurts but remind him his work, his future indispensable with high
tech including internet, while his mom and his grandma actually not
equipped it, for their cheap work mainly related with primitive tools.
my son show resolve when we went for lunch and shower, even after I
bought him extra fruits. on way returning to my dorm, I pray God to
let it the hard time for us to defeat, to slaughter our enemies by
hand and will. I beg Holy rewards us thicker after the adversity and
allow us to stick out of the dark curtain and smile. in the night I
felt guilty upon my son, and boring and sad for shopping online. I
bought my son a spring trousers with cellphone pocket. I also ordered
myself one but run out of money. so I entreated my kid brother to pay.
but the contemptible man enlist my phone number into his blacklist to
evade confrontation with me. God, let me remember the revengeful shame
sinful people insult us, the glorious One. bring me sooner my Royal
China to sustain the eastern Asia. bring me sooner Asoh Yukiko, my
Crowned Queen from Japan for peace among our heritage, our once more
glory cover half pacific ocean. grant us memories of retaliation.

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