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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

dream of losing smartphone.

At first I lingered gladly in tiny houses, likely with my 2nd elder
sister, likely in Japan. then found one of my 3 smartphones missing.
in panic I searched everywhere. then using its GPS location found the
stealer address. the 2 phone number is mathematical linked: sim card 1
number is added to number 2 card. I really can't afford losing them.
then many details on exact secret on the phones and their numbers.
just in panic I woke up and recognized in reality my phones all on my
desk intact. back to dream I still felt the panic painful. yesterday
is fruitful, I published monthly blog release. I watched amazon TV and
close watch small woman unstable emotionally broke her husband career
and her own life which is totally reckless and hopeless in ruins. I
wondered bitch in my life, my son's mom, desperate to hurt, means what
for her destiny. the tiny dog steps by steps went insane. my son after
a day didn't enable his indoor WIFI, likely under his mad mother's
ban. last week I got a surprising gain from QRRS, my once and long
time employer, ¥1000. I immediately renew woz's 8 domains with it,
left 3 expensive domain for next renewal will costs near ¥2000. God,
dad, its a bit dearer since last year, but godaddy China office girl
contacted me and help me finish the order with coupon unavailable
public. dad God, please allow us own our namespace as family heritage
lasting millenniums. I want share them with my offspring! grant us
financial freedom to pay the domain registrar. and please grant us to
keep our amazon associate account. we had been ditched once for poor
websites traffic. I had to mend all amazon ad code among my sites to
link with our new trackID. that's too boring and heavy load to
sustain. grant us minimum interactive rate amazon requires to sustain
our membership of its ad associate. dad God, remove us blockage the
small bitch laid between my son and me. show my son, woz, the future
world he pivots. bring me sooner my Royal China to extinguish hatred
rage, rip us off the dirty family of my son's mom and herself. put us
in sanctuary of holy mercy, and sole independence under the dome
without divided. thx for the peace in the morning, God.

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