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Thursday, March 2, 2017

dream from mission now.

dreamt of genius. dreamt my elder brothers, hometown folks, once
leaders in QRRS, all turned old. I passed them who playing Majiang
together and felt sad. then myself turns older and unbearable
intelligent work. then a cheap soul like CCP cadre invents
sculpturing on glass with color, replace paintings on it manuscript or
oil print. its merit is clear and vivid in 3D, but cost is material
wasted once solid sculptured, not reusable. I wondered CCP
administrative manner, reckless and environment unfriendly. then dream
the inventor, a guy super genius: he needn't backup hardware settings,
like I backup system images and important data times and relentlessly,
he talks directly to hardware binary likes operating software in GUI.
later he talked directly to a goat, let it be friend with me and my
son. the goat hears and got it. yesterday woz's new trousers I ordered
on taobao.com, for redeem my guilty in scorning him for no due respect
of new broadband internet, arrived, for its deliverer, yto.com, well
organized in its arena, really speedy. but what we demand, pocket for
cellphone, not exists on the trousers, instead, a fake pocket without
depth but just a zip for decoration. my son complained carrying
smartphone in his jacket pocket can be clogging, and loathes to bring
a new cheaper Chinese cellphone all day long. returned to dorm, I
tried to contact the taobao vendor. the site, taobao.com, quite
unfriend against its web service users, even punishing non client end
app users, from geographic restriction to frequently failing web im it
support only. I switched 3 computers, from chromeos to android to
windows, its im quits on all 3 platforms while previously it works
sometimes. I lately find the vendor's mobile phone and settled
replacing with new one our required pocket satisfied. I really need a
cellphone pocketed trousers, too, but we just can't afford it now even
its beneficence obvious and goodness predicts. in the night I watched
a documentary on world economic bubble burst emerging on youtube, that
reminds my vision Christian and other poverty pestered world esp
Islamic area, their competition lasts thousand years. government
bailout grows larger and severer, but America has to cope with
challenges from cheap human society's crowd, the bubble of wastes, esp
China and Islamic states. its time to show who is the chosen. now time
for Trump to discipline US and get rid of cheap people's siege. time
for beautiful new One world of Christian, around Israel. time to
manifest the world developmental power is not cheap human power, nor
cheap dictation in Communism, nor terrorist Muslim. only Christian the
life of prosperous, the source of plenty. time to clean the planet
with AI and robots, time to rid earth off cheap human beings and beast
alike terrorist, both too rampant and waste of land and air. this is
new mission for Trump, also mission of my Royal China of China Empire
reset ahead then lasting 1109 years. this is salvage and gospel of the

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