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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

a slight rain.

last night I dreamt of a Junior middle school student. he likely
researched something and wrote quite something. I with my son then in
front of their school informed another girl classmate of the hidden
book of the boy. it likely a notebook of weapon or martial art, or
fantasy novel. I also dreamt rechargeable batteries we bought dearly
from taobao rather than amazon turns poor quality and totally out of
usable. last night I went to bed earlier, for praying my kid brother
remitting USD I entrusted him for conversion from ¥420 I badly
squeezed from salary last week and sent him immediately. for he owning
a mall workshop and possibly has USD corporate account. I will
recharge our google voice with them, and hopefully if my brother
raises his hand to some allowance, I will purchase my last domain, the
only new LTD, .center. my heart beats for the domain inspires me after
I found my blessed namespace with it. and I surely known how severely
my economy dangerous. last night its warm as usual, but this morning
it drizzles, sometimes with snowflakes flow around. this week I
enjoyed so many meaningful videos, including movies online. my life so
rich with borderless web. and started with this week, I aimless on my
site building. I sometimes napped after breakfast and worked focused
after 10am. every night I went to bed with thanksgiving. the dorm
canteen more and more treats me graciously: my food in monthly
boarding and lodging bundle turns richer and more delicious. my
laundry deal with the working woman executes smoothly, as last week I
paid her first time in time with my salary which near ¥3000. my credit
debt to bankcomm lower to 4800CNY, hopefully I can renew my hosting
plan with it after reset 4 months later. dad God, I really need a
credit card to cope with trifle bills. grant me a credit card with
foreign currency. bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh
Yukiko, bring my son his real mother, and shelter our roof under
starry sky with dreams and tears of spiritual inspirations. God, grant
me tools I need for building new China Empire in new 21 Century. equip
me financial independence to survive the coming brutal economic crisis
in the world fallen.

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