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Thursday, March 30, 2017

with new assets' help.

dreamt with a slim guy who help doing scientific experiments like
astronaut. I roamed with him in front of a lab where just gained fund
to launch research. I saw my friend won the contract to execute
experiment with his physic manipulation. last night I finally checked
in my son's google domains account and found my only working credit
card defied by google for region of PRC. so recharging our gvoice
accounts impossible. I had to through godaddy to claim my new domain,
my only new unconventional TLD, zuo.center. just before that near dusk
I talked to my son in air that I can't help clinching those namespace
I concocted, I want to buy him a domain he likes and cultivates like
his own mirage garden. I suggested woga.me as google domains suggested
to me and let him known I waiting for his response and impetus. in
late night my kid brother sms back telling his paypal can't remit me
$60 I previously sent him ¥420 for conversion because paypal denies. I
told him just sent my deposit back in alipay. I teased him I
constantly putting money into business while he had been withdrawing
money from his workshop to purchase real estate. I warned him someday
my properties might surplus his. got back to bed, I can't sleep but
got up to check if he immediately sent my money back. after found the
fund at its position, I launched to buy our 2 new domains on godaddy.
its swift done. with these precious assets in hand, I felt surreal to
acknowledge. I burned so many brains for them, identified their
beauties in language correlation. I blamed myself in front of my son
for my greediness but after all, Dad God, I'm so lucky to earn with my
intelligence fast as finger tips. God dad, curb my passionate with
domain and focus me on my enviable assets sustain and site building,
ie. value mounting. bring me my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko,
and free me from greediness. thx dad, in this sober dawn and joyful
after battle scene, I means salvage of settlement and peace of bliss.

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