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Friday, February 10, 2017

late wake of lunar 2017.

dreamt of complicated time space pair. after 2 busy days at dorm, heat
gathered in central China gradually melt. my nose ran water a lot, and
shit softly, too. last night I perceived erotic dream drove by full
sperms, but in fact I didn't wet last night. rather, in dream I got
insight of time-space tangle. I saw a dynasty broke down and lots of
strange behaviors, like soldier don't know who to obey, court women
don't know how to survive in riot era. I saw my Nankai alumni went
class while I drift wild. I saw when time dissolves, events in space
can be floating around, losing their sequence. the result and the
cause in different time location can't be replaced, otherwise there
will be forecast, in time travel paradox. these days hard economy
again pestered me. I only gain a much shrinked ¥3000 in 2016 as year
end bonus from QRRS, my once and long time employer, comparing near
¥7000 in 2015. a policy gain, aid for poor staff, ¥1000 offered to me
by labor union. I handed over to dorm canteen at once, and next day I
had to borrow ¥200 again for living expense. now I have debt ¥1000 to
local contacts, and my anual renewal of zhone domains yet complete.
¥2000 will do the job like a breeze. then again every month I will
fight for dinning out twice a week with my son woz for gathering, and
my pills will add another ¥100. in the 3rd hometown flight tour, I
almost broke up with my kid brother who contempts me and cheats me
into endless waiting his aid. now my salary, at its best around ¥3000,
barely afford our lifestyle including credit debt compensation. but,
God, how I lucky in such failing economy maintaining such a small
burden of investment! and watch the grand produce of my endeavour and
willful. God, dad, I see so many affirmatives in holy message. please
firmly attach me onto faith of Christian. bring me sooner my Royal
China to fasten the falling treasure. bring me Asoh Yukiko to put
together the Empire dream and stipulation. grant me financial
independence to safeguard our startup so strong online.

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