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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a day in heavy dirt.

a day in heavy dirt.^last night in pubic lavatory of the dorm, i told a new QRRS graduate that every morning i woke up with fresh hope. this morning i first time join office later than 7:30am. read most of work time. baby's mom, emakingir, rarely logon her gmail in her summer vacation but did this morning, so i video chatted with her&our baby son. yesterday she mimic baby son's claim how he likes toast mutton stick, and arranged next dine out. then i told my last month salary suffered a loss of half of it, only earned ¥760. the reason i got today is the company deficit of order&total stopped streamline last month. ema didn't complained the moment, but this time in video she quite quick sheered my suggestion to arrange dining out this week. God, Masheng, i put my Royal's life support on u, for i will reward u ten and hundred of that amount in my Empire of China. u know what i mean, Masheng, i only receive ur meal now and year ahead, let our baby son in happy time and free of anxiousness.

the facing gay all time challenged when i busy. the sin barely stick out his ugly head to gawk at me for minutes when sin torn him apart on position in front of me, in order to show his failure&loss. there is not shame in his sinful life, but death-matching profaning. God times and times let me be my own, for the hell for the evil need not a second to review. the office already clearly shown a stage of sins, mainly gays. i spent a year to 20 years to manifest the difference between me and wrecked, the untouchable glory of Son from the falling&sinking flash of the dark&lifeless on this eccentric land, thousand miles from my beloved hometown, central China. the land belongs to me, while the once and current descending&earthed with dusts.

after dinner, a gay again occupied the garden bench, so i roamed outside. then rest on it till dusk turns deep. its a nice day, God, u see.

this morning dreamed of 2 girls loving me. but i didn't recognized their name on paper. met some Priests in dorm canteen, talked about my preferring more talks on bible rather than his/her own interpret, more holy revelation than preach or warn of wrong doing. the Priest didn't elaborate it as usual. its pale in sky, but turning bright outside of my office.

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