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Friday, August 13, 2010

my payment online now ready.

my payment online now ready.^read in cleaner os&felt glad. tried to reclaim one of baby's 163 accounts but failed. at noon registered an account with ChinaPost and bound it with my alipay account, recharged it ¥40. now i can pay overseas bills. the sins in office challenged all time, esp. the dirty monitor, stayed at noon lately. later they babbled about cadres promotions within the company. the facing dog tried every chance to show his orthodox. they stayed in office after work time, but soon called to gather
&left to celebrating the personnel changes, which likely including their close friends' promotion. i sorted stuff from web&felt glad. leaving office before 5:30pm in bright sunshine. the dorms' canteen deteriorating, sold out so early the prepared meal, forced me to order to cook my dinner, which cost me ¥18 even there is nothing delicious or enough of food, while a common ready meal charges ¥6. for the garden bench occupied by a male, i roamed out first, then rest for a long time till dusk almost cover the garden of the dorms. sorted portable in dorm. God, the land of China is my property, all trades of cadres in nowadays China baseless&disappear in my emerging Empire. brings my girls, my crowned Queens sooner, God. in these beautiful silent moments in echo of ur holy, i trust u let my elation of reunification among my beloved sooner descending me.

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