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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

7th&heaviest snow in lunar 2010, grey men killed.

7th&heaviest snow in lunar 2010. new pleasure with pure source.^woke up by urine around 6:50am, got up at 7:59am. the snow lasting when i left the dorm. its now thick&likely thickest in lunar 2010. Masheng let me know its a pure pleasure, but a joice. in office posted a blog with recent photos. read till noon, then let download. Internet access strangely down in the mid, arouse the facing evil to foam lots of fuss. retreated to dorm just after 2pm. dozed awhile on bed, then arranged task ahead mentally. returned to office around 3pm. tried to setup my google appspot based on etherpad, an open source realtime cooperative tool, but too technical for me to setup. then baby's mom, emakingir buzzed in, asking help with her installing QQ, a Chinese main stream im. introduced etherpad to her. the freaky fat woman in neighbor office, ill drove a lot in ambiance, till left narrowly before i ready to leave. Masheng, the place i now staying really an mad house, help me steer into ever-brighter. the snow continued all days, killing dirt without mercy. dined with noodle&meat pies. God let cautious upon the restaurant. on way to dorm, met the priest of local church, talked to him about why i absent recently, and radio online i listening. he encouraged me to re-join, but God tells me not ripe time. in dorm listening music all night, sang alone when familiar songs arouses.
its nicely a grey day to kill: in the restaurant, a grey man i referred previously in blog, once lived in QRRS dorm when young as i witness, left just before i be seat. the neighbor dinners in a closet talking about borrowing&paying back money, just reminded me the money another grey man i referred in my previous blogs in QRRS, and only one from my hometown, Hubei Prov., put in my pocket before my last time retreated from QRRS dorm to return my hometown to be treated in asylum there. i several times reminded by the evil, the grey folk, that he made good use or cause of the money he laid to defame me among the community. God promises me i never owe anyone among human. when i visit the dorm lavatory i again met the grey man who just locked&leaving a room in the far end of the floor. so he also live in the dorm, even in last conversation he told me he had a son. God, u sees how many abnormal&distort here in this dirty corner of land.

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