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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bright sunshine. Holy message on dark in Chinese.

bright sunshine. Holy message on dark in Chinese.^woke up before 7am. dreamed a lot. in family dinner, my passed dad, God, appeared but seemingly different from his normal appearance in my memory, and likely don't eat dinner with us, ie. likely from Heaven. a cat mated with a dog, we all saw it. then in a outdoor meeting with thousand audience, likely in Yan'an, Maozedong making a speech while Zhude hosting. i sat on the ground&try to shot or record. then dreamed of G.W.Bush, as well as Barack Obama, the American president now. got up at 7:30am, visit office at once. its a brilliant sunny morning. in office fine tuned my amplify posting options, search web for fix on unable to post rich media via its official page, commented&asked for help on the issue. later attracted by a chrome extension, page monitor, rightly positioned to answer my recent haunting idea to monitor my family domains' server status. fine tuned chrome setting by hacking into its sqlite db, and narrowly got my favorite outcome. retreated to dorm after 3pm when chill in office thick. recharged my telcom's deposit. roamed in dorm, reviewing Holy message, my love&family sites' building. some dorm residents returned earlier than official over time of the company. in office chat awhile with hometown folks about their meat consumption. refined my domain's dns settings. chatted with baby&his mom but they complained unavailable for dining. in the restaurant, a TV series hosted by Chinese comic star, Zhaobenshan赵本山, ignite my hatreds to the people in northeastern China, where tiger&dog dominating for a long history, and where the dean of last dynasty, Qing清,  on China stemmed from. their behavior just like nowadays China authority's behavior, bargain upon anyone passing their closed or fenced territory, smother any livings with brutal digging in one pit, humiliates spirit that's light&traveling non-stop. they occupied the land&eat out all meat and food on it. they r the laziest while most notoriously hungry predator, like wild dog or Chinese tiger. previously when i watch the comic star's acting in likely the most important occasion, CCTV's lunar Spring festival celebrating party every year end, i just felt his mimic too vivid, such cheap persons that let me laugh, but this time i saw clear the star represents the most dark aspect of Chinese culture, esp. northern Chinese, quite of whose food base lost&have to live with stealth, robbery, or mafia. they r in Chinese, 坐地泡, or 地头蛇, and Maozedong, or CCP's army, just that kind of mafia or gangsters fed by Japanese invader and heavier rubber, Russian Red, back half century. the insight shook me quite some time on way and returned to dorm. i pray God lets me needless to cram with the reality, but inspires me always with clearest idea&action. Zhao is the family name of the former Chinese dynasty, Song宋, before the last Chinese dynasty, Ming明, in my ancestor's title, in Zhu朱. i recognized God's setting in the sin of Song dynasty, as well as the darkest soul in Zhao's. i mean to change, change China as well as Chinese, in God's universal shine. kill tiger, fox, dog, as i ordained in my year of 2006's post on my google group, benzyrnill at http://groups.google.com/group/benzyrnill and faezrland at http://groups.google.com/group/faezrland, save China from war fire-baptism in its redemnption. that's my family duty in band with my Japanese Princess, Masheng, as well as American God. Masheng, God, i never enjoy staring into dark, rid me off painful brewing of blood animosity, just let me kill without any hesitation right&righteous, let me forever in morning sunshine, and flying breeze in ur message&spirit.

Posted via email from benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly...鸠昱隆嘉

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