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Friday, March 12, 2010

days in funs with moto, whose os much more powerful than Chinese copycat

got up late around 8:20am, lingered&fine tuned my moto L7 cellphone till 9am. in office read&download. baby's mom buzzed in for her notebook can't access Internet, likely been hacked&lost network card interface. upset a bit by her pretending assertiveness. the facing evil bit all the morning, soon just after i settled. the monitor continued in afternoon while the former absent since noon. listened awhile bible radio till illness in the voice staged. its pale in the morning, but turns bright in afternoon after i abide God's arrangement. tried some chrome extensions as tips from google products' blog. check my google maps&retouched some descriptions of my panoramio photos on maps, adding related links. retreated to dorm after 4pm, ate seeds while seeing fading sunshine. near 5:20pm, haunted office again, fine tune google alert to monitor my family domain&server status. then sorted contacts to include flickr's posting to blog&twitter secret email. tried to sort opera mini bookmark on my moto but failed, so quit to dine out. baby's mom, emakingir don't trouble me more in my buzz, which let me less anxious. discussed my pills running out, &borrow her money to buy. baby watching animation&don't talk to me. in office visited a guy long time staying in QRRS dorm, taught him to cherish his dream&his current living status. treated him, as well as myself with sausage&eggs newly bought. manually adding family sites into bookmarks on my cellphone, then enjoyed surfing via opera mini till near 11pm. watched movie "avatar" before sleep, which till near 1am.

engaged with moto L7.^most day busy with hacking moto l7, the cellphone baby's mom, emakingir lent me, tried to tailor its setting, my bookmarks, etc. later flashed its os with one from web. told ema the power of western product like the moto, sorted&backup till 11pm. 

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