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Friday, March 5, 2010

a packed day, rebuild clean os faultless. tweet on March 4,2010

a packed day, rebuild clean os faultless.^woked by croak of crows. still felt weak within me. in office listening radio after posted tweet. attending download lately after checked latest postings. near 3pm launched to rebuild ready os, fixed problem from previous backup. the monitor stayed there till 6pm. i narrowly finished backup after 7pm. dined with noodle&pies. its snowing when i left the office. Masheng, kill dirty&let my works today rewarding, ie. a real working&secure os against frequent hacking from China surveillance. baby's mom, emakingir buzzed in via gmail in late afternoon, discussed my next visit. baby son today first day join his kindergarten since his mom's winter vacation. she also told me her os likely infected. my os also likely infected this afternoon. God, i trust my works online with u, trust holy message&valueable history of my Empire in moulding with u. let the pure white tonight covers the corpse of spies&surveillance. read on bed till near 11pm.

a day in watch.^got up first time without clock. felt gloomy&weak. arrived office at 8:30am. It likely snowed last night. on the way doubting where my girl zhou is, &how is her new business. in office read after posting. backup some data to gdocs. since noon, launched restored&re-prepared a healthy os, for since last time update its sound driver, it hanged 3 times without any precaution. patched os with all native drivers from official sites&backup. near 5pm finished it. sorted portable. for the office in tomb chill, left soon after work time, likely near 5:30pm. its again a full work day i stayed in office. after returned dorm, found canteen still down. my room was re-arranged, my scattered items resorted, likely someone visited it, or prepared newcomer. ate sausage&seeds. dined out near 6:30pm, again with pies&noodle. last night too full&let me uncomfortable this morning. jogged around QRRS front space as usual after dinner. blogged after returned home. in music review some old videos&photos from baby's mom, emakingir's shot, in baby's kindergarten's party. baby's helpless among his peers deeply shocked me, remind me how baby still need my affirmative. Masheng, i know u call me, call me on duty to care my baby. grand me power and tool to guard baby son, our pre-son, God of Universe. grand me glory and decent to do my job, to manifest God's mighty and merits on this shabby planet.

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