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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a day harvest moto.

got up at 8:26am. its a bright morning. in office refined my panoramio, posting some old photos from my picasaweb to panoramio. let download while reading. at noon refined family qq profile to include family sites' links via qq client on a office desktop, nicely done! received baby's mom, emakingir's cellphone she sent on her own. my girl zhou didn't appear in QRRS rush time. retreated to dorm just after 2pm when tomb chill turns thick from evils in office. on the way dropped into a printing shop to borrow mini-usb cord, trying fix the missing password of a moto, the cellphone baby's mom, emakingir lent to me. in dorm launched to hack the cell but lack of driver my notebook can't recognize it. sorted stuff newly got, blogged. reviewed my love with my girls, my crowded Queens, my offspring. the sinful folk in QRRS migrated from Hubei Prov, attempted to trouble me again, for my new cellphone don't block it. left dorm near 4:20pm, met baby son on the way, with the grandma. carried him to bus stop, sent him off by taxi. told him God in him, and the reappearance of my girl zhou, and a twin my girl zhou will breed with me. its really an inspiring day. in office the deputy director asked why i lingered in office recently after work time, and suggested canteen in the factory. i replied the down dorms' canteen forces me to dine nearby. God let me stay out with QRRS. in the night i tried to fix my locked cellphone, with a unnecessary restored os, failure let me again inquiry the web&soon got my answer. the bright day from start tells me a blessed day, now i recognized God's shine&forever correct. buzzed baby's mom, emakingir, about my success unlocking her cell, before leaving office. she reserved to sent me cellphone's cord sooner. God, its really a day with astonish! dined with pies&noodle. bought food in shine of Masheng&favor of Sally. enjoyed it in dorm, also fed a pet kitty in the dorm. enjoy surfing&hacking on cell first time in days, &till 11am gave up&slept. its my first time using western cellphone os, which really powerful than Chinese counterpart.

Posted via email from benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly...鸠昱隆嘉

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