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Thursday, March 18, 2010

reunited with baby son in dragon head lunar holiday.

reunited with baby son in dragon head lunar holiday.^got up at 7:20am. in office read after posting tweets. sorted stuff from web. refined some family google profiles. some deep insight in articles from e-magazine, economist, invited my review. the parties' dispute, the history burden in Japan's government-dominating economics. buzzed baby's mom, emakingir's land phone, but the grandma there said her daughter just left. baby said brought to hospital in the morning. baby son reluctant talk to me when i buzzed again just wanting to listen him. returned to dorm just after 2pm, dozed for about half&an hour. brought clothing to laundry of QRRS dorms, the woman just leaving for today is lunar holiday to eat pig's head meat. that remind me visiting baby son this night, now that i just got a baby game, toy story mania, a Disney product, and a compensation for one baby policy abiding, ¥60, dispatched at 1pm in office. met the leaving grandma on way, they just dined with the traditional food. ema later cooked me rice&fried mouton sticks. i busy with install games, demonstrated ema computer skill, synchronized data among family 3 computers. after dinner we ate together, ema read novel online, while i tried new games with baby. after 10pm, i strongly suggested family watching movies "hurt locker" i got gain from web, but only baby &me watched about half an hour, then baby asked to sleep. we slept divided: baby&his mom slept in baby's room while i slept in bedroom alone. what a bright day!

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