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Monday, April 10, 2017

officially declare zhone 2 new domains.

dreamt of the family of my cousin, ie. husband of my mother's niece. I
once liked his 2nd daughter who is tall and slender. but long time
works in farm worn out her hands which drove me away from her in my
senior middle school summer vacation. I saw her new family in dream.
her dad invented or bought to connect his family with his offspring's
family, and his properties with wire. the wire likely controlled
digitally. I saw just dial "home to farm" and the 2 place linked and
can communicate online. I still felt warm with the girl and her
sisters and her child. then dreamt I made experiment, in which I put
pencil core into a tiny tube and heated to melt it. when I saw it
changed into liquid, just when I ready to fill in something with it,
the power down. at the mean time I urgent to urine. I pee indoor
before others returning to caught me in sight. almost peed and with
caution of fire, I woke up. last week my family acquired another 2
precious domains, zuo.center and woga.me. zuo.center is my first and
likely last unconventional TLD. most of newly added TLDs are
expensive, but .center renewal is $20. the same amount with .me, which
I promoted most to my son woz, hoping he regards woga.me for his video
game hobby as himself invented. I told my son I contented with 21
domains before my business getting bigger, and I didn't regret risks I
taken in the purchase even more or less I felt my greediness in the
making of namespace, claim of meaning and naming. I hope in a market,
its normal to profit from intelligent property. after 3 days intensive
works, I prepared publication sites for the 2 domains, inc google
sites, zoho sites, blogger blogs, tumblrs, etc. I show my son webpage
editing and publishment skill, hoping he enjoy freedom of cyberspace
as I did. yesterday I ate delicacies in gathering woz dining out. he
ordered his favorite sausage in Taiwanese franchise restaurant,
Formosa pies. I also fed him mango I sliced large portions by fork and
fruit knife. sometimes I wonder if my main treat is just eating. but
God's know I barely fed each normal day. God, dad, bring me sooner my
Royal China. bring me my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for
better life and warmth of homage. grant us a spacier salary this month
for our planned expenditure. thx, dad, for coming canteen breakfast.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

hope the violent lesson remembered.

dreamt first shared dorm with an once QRRS colleague who is a
photographer. he is a gay in dream and spying me. anything of him will
convey gay sensation when I touch them. then dream in a TV cuisine
competition. I was a candidate and my dish too slippery to stand
vegetables in decoration. I was in hurry and failed many times. then
once my boss, QRRS cable TV chief editorial who died in mid age,
pointed out the cause impersonally. when I almost gave up my works, I
woke up and in anxious of visiting my son weekend on time. last week
is a strange week testifying relation of my son woz and me, his dad.
on Monday which also in lunar Mourning holiday we booked cinema as
usual together. that had been shifted a day for all PRC people
gathering 3 days holiday and adjust a weekend for workday. the
disgusting convenience chasing hobby humiliates meaning of week from
bible, unlike US holidays. when I went over in time to fetch my son to
cinema, he was absent while his mom tutored some students there as
usual. I waited half hour till time didn't permit waiting. I buzzed
the grandma who is really an old fox, stubborn and canning, evasive
when I ordered her sent my son to cinema directly. my son already told
me he will be totally free when we booked tickets together. so my son
forgot his timetable or his sinful mom or grandma tentatively assigned
my son's occupation with his pointless art class. when I arrived
cinema and buzzed the grandma again, she still trying selling my son
to postpone the movie. my son wanted to talk to me, but my rages out
of control and I yelled him to come over at once. when they arrived, I
at once beat my son while the grandma repeated that I was insane. I
beat my son before the movie and during movie, we didn't exchange
anything while our back seat trying closer to us to tease us, likely
official surveillance. on way to lunch out, I beat my son again for
disappointed, for his unable to administrate his life on his own. I
scorned and beat him during lunch. after returned to his mom's house,
I fetched my missed a day dirty clothes after shower and left without
entering the house. after I settled in dorm, my kid brother who almost
blacklisted my phone, called in. he was informed by my son's mom or
grandma that my violence can bring me into asylum again if I exert it
again on my son. I laughed and told him that they can do anything as
they will, I'm not feared. my brother claim I turning odd, and I
shouldn't push my son so hard to American for here in China I should
abide with its situation. I replied that is two way to learn after
America, one way sending out richer Chinese to US, another way is
bring US to China. in coming most of the week, my son kept muted when
I buzzed him and sms him. I shifted our new Chinese phone from fiber
optic internet bundle to him at the end of lunch and he promised will
keep mobile reachable like an adult. even in the week I urgent to add
backup phone to our 2 godaddy accounts. after 3 days including failed
contacted godaddy support, I got thing done with synced sms log via
ifttt I previously setup on the phone. on Saturday I lingered on bed
lately to avoid boring and hard choice if I visit my son as usual.
then my son sent me sms of verification code his phone received and I
asked to transfer to me but denied times. I replied immediately things
done and asked if shower on Sunday as planned or plan B. my son didn't
response me graciously. I soon decided to visit him. it's noon. I
visited dorm canteen to fetch my washed clothes there, and borrow
another ¥200 for gathering my son in dinning out together. when I
entered the house, my son's mom blocked the door and asked in what
privilege I frequent there. I didn't reply and evade her into visit my
son in his bedroom where he practicing e-piano. after they left for
music class his mom arranged, I sorted my son's nexus in English
podcast's companion. after they returned I tried awhile video game
then my son dined out with me. now I can say storm of separation
dissolved with consent of my son's once under performance. he should
be more independent, out of childish custody. God, dad, Friday night
drizzle blessed us. now shinny morning sunshine covers my concerns
with triumph. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Crowned Queen from
Japan, Asoh Yukiko. bring our better life in reach. grant us financial
independent to broaden our cyberspace investment. allow us buy stylish
pants with mobile pockets, and a camera for my desktop computer. pl
resume my visa card and its credit limit sooner. thx God dad for all
these years' affirmative.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

with new assets' help.

dreamt with a slim guy who help doing scientific experiments like
astronaut. I roamed with him in front of a lab where just gained fund
to launch research. I saw my friend won the contract to execute
experiment with his physic manipulation. last night I finally checked
in my son's google domains account and found my only working credit
card defied by google for region of PRC. so recharging our gvoice
accounts impossible. I had to through godaddy to claim my new domain,
my only new unconventional TLD, zuo.center. just before that near dusk
I talked to my son in air that I can't help clinching those namespace
I concocted, I want to buy him a domain he likes and cultivates like
his own mirage garden. I suggested woga.me as google domains suggested
to me and let him known I waiting for his response and impetus. in
late night my kid brother sms back telling his paypal can't remit me
$60 I previously sent him ¥420 for conversion because paypal denies. I
told him just sent my deposit back in alipay. I teased him I
constantly putting money into business while he had been withdrawing
money from his workshop to purchase real estate. I warned him someday
my properties might surplus his. got back to bed, I can't sleep but
got up to check if he immediately sent my money back. after found the
fund at its position, I launched to buy our 2 new domains on godaddy.
its swift done. with these precious assets in hand, I felt surreal to
acknowledge. I burned so many brains for them, identified their
beauties in language correlation. I blamed myself in front of my son
for my greediness but after all, Dad God, I'm so lucky to earn with my
intelligence fast as finger tips. God dad, curb my passionate with
domain and focus me on my enviable assets sustain and site building,
ie. value mounting. bring me my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko,
and free me from greediness. thx dad, in this sober dawn and joyful
after battle scene, I means salvage of settlement and peace of bliss.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

a slight rain.

last night I dreamt of a Junior middle school student. he likely
researched something and wrote quite something. I with my son then in
front of their school informed another girl classmate of the hidden
book of the boy. it likely a notebook of weapon or martial art, or
fantasy novel. I also dreamt rechargeable batteries we bought dearly
from taobao rather than amazon turns poor quality and totally out of
usable. last night I went to bed earlier, for praying my kid brother
remitting USD I entrusted him for conversion from ¥420 I badly
squeezed from salary last week and sent him immediately. for he owning
a mall workshop and possibly has USD corporate account. I will
recharge our google voice with them, and hopefully if my brother
raises his hand to some allowance, I will purchase my last domain, the
only new LTD, .center. my heart beats for the domain inspires me after
I found my blessed namespace with it. and I surely known how severely
my economy dangerous. last night its warm as usual, but this morning
it drizzles, sometimes with snowflakes flow around. this week I
enjoyed so many meaningful videos, including movies online. my life so
rich with borderless web. and started with this week, I aimless on my
site building. I sometimes napped after breakfast and worked focused
after 10am. every night I went to bed with thanksgiving. the dorm
canteen more and more treats me graciously: my food in monthly
boarding and lodging bundle turns richer and more delicious. my
laundry deal with the working woman executes smoothly, as last week I
paid her first time in time with my salary which near ¥3000. my credit
debt to bankcomm lower to 4800CNY, hopefully I can renew my hosting
plan with it after reset 4 months later. dad God, I really need a
credit card to cope with trifle bills. grant me a credit card with
foreign currency. bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh
Yukiko, bring my son his real mother, and shelter our roof under
starry sky with dreams and tears of spiritual inspirations. God, grant
me tools I need for building new China Empire in new 21 Century. equip
me financial independence to survive the coming brutal economic crisis
in the world fallen.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

peace after storm.

at first dreamt of Emma Watson whose private photos leaked on web. I
enjoy amazing sex with her. then dreamt I arrange my son woz to be
trained by instrumental music under old traditional musician likely
from QRRS art troupe which includes an old man and woman each. then in
Mao's era he or we sent to western China to re-educate. we passed
through dangerous Yellow River which threaten its bank area. we
arrived northwestern China and planted a tree from our hometown. then
dreamt I trained my son or myself badminton. I long time easily mimic
serving but response speed far from satisfying when dealing or
rebound. in dream I wonder if I just lack boring but heavy exercises
or real expertise coached. this week again especially busy. I setup
google authenticator app for our frequent google accounts 2 step
verification. for sms verification less convenient and less secure in
which each time informs PRC surveillance my logon. GFW heavily blocked
my operation first place, once lagged me more than half hour to load
an authentication code page, forced me to retreat mid way for dinner.
but next day I did it again without pains. yesterday dabbog.com
backend web app updated by godaddy hosting automatically, but it broke
and halt the site. when I tried to fix it, I again heavily blocked.
loading loops, irresponsible webpage, etc. I left its breakdown open
possible vulnerable well known and went jog after dinner. in the night
after dinner, I fixed it with less human pests, while again my
restored sites less accessible on my dorm internet, but web proxy
testifies its soundness. my facing dorm room has new residents. a
young guy frequently loose its door and shown himself on the deeper
bed busy in the leaking light. I doubting if he welcome visitors or
exchange of neighborhood, or just convenient to spy me. but my
internet these days actually under harsher surveillance and intervenes
amid. but this week not all sad, I sorted our google voice assets and
prepared to make good use of them. I deploy more google or google apps
accounts for maintain their gvoice in use. now salary will arrive
days, God dad, grant me freedom to recharge our accounts for smooth
operative. grant me financial freedom for coming laundry bill to woman
in dorm canteen, ¥200. I also badly need trousers with mobile pocket
for my son and my own. dad God, godaddy hosting plan soon needs
renewal. and I usually penniless before year end bonus. get me out of
the dangerous situation, dad God, bring my cyberspace startup with my
other concerns peacefully onto faezrland, our vested land from my
ancestor under Holy. bring it with bliss and breeze.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

dreamt of insects after first fulfilled deal of laundry.

first dream in highly dense space, human crowd with dense snakes.
those baby snakes in every atom of air, or liquid, like spray. that's
quite shockingly frightening. they didn't bite but terrifying. then
dreamt my son and his mom's family. I likely returned from long
journey and urged his mom to restore normal life. the woman and her
mom recognized our previous marriage hopelessly sank. they arranged
extraordinary a meal to farewell. when I prepare tea, I found many
large strong black ants busy moving in the jar neck. its again such a
shocking scene I almost lose clinch to the jar. they all likely
concerns the first time handover of my laundry deal with dorm canteen
woman. last week when I visited my son and brought him to shower in
public shared bathroom, I found my dirty clothes a week there was not
washed. the small woman several times threatened not to wash my
clothes even I offered her monthly ¥150 many months but recently due
to credit crisis I asked permission to indebted her. so this time I
thought ripe to be more independent. I informed my son the new expense
and he agreed. returned to dorm, I headed to dorm canteen where the
woman in charge of preparing food materials right there for ordering.
I discussed the possibility to pay her to wash my clothes. she first
defied, with encouragement from the executive woman, she accept my
proposal of increased ¥50 to ¥200/month. last Friday dusk, before I
dined there, the executive woman fetched me the washed clothes, our
first deal sealed, except my payment. for penniless, I asked the woman
loan me ¥200 for visiting my son weekends. then she told me my recent
months bill with canteen didn't clear, for my kid brother promised to
pay instead of me in his last year's visit now evaded by him. I
previously called him to pay my online shopping but my phone number
likely blacklisted and redirected. so I never knew what's going on
with him. the woman said she sms my brother but never responded. I
told her I visioned I lost my brother's aid but I never equipped
financially to save the situation, so I didn't probe my due payment in
canteen any more. the woman disliked my answer so I promised will call
my brother in the night. on jogging after dinner, I buzzed my 3rd
elder sister and hope she check our kid brother's status, she accepted
the task. when I went to toilet for toothbrush hours later, I saw the
canteen worker woman washing there. I told her I will pay her as soon
as I get my salary this month, ie. 2 weeks later. she replied no hurry
cordially. God dad, I know it will be OK after all, but the situation
now really draining. this week I also try web tutorial to setup
selective vpn routing to escape PRC main sites' discriminating foreign
ips, but so far failed. in so many programs I benefited from online
communities discussions, now I have to cope it on my own for solution.
I tried to contact vpn support team but out of their service scope and
denied help. I also contact godaddy PRC office girl last time helped
me with discount for unknown renewal price increase, evasive
conversations sucks in grudge. this week makes me sad when I last
night reviewed it, but also affirm my determination to sit with them,
those deny of service, and breakthrough on my own. God dad, bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain my cultivation here, bring me my new
family and hope of stepping out of adversity here. bring me learning
ability in every stages in my life. bring me my Crowned Queen from
Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to better my children's life. in a few hours I
will visit my son, in your mercy our joys will doubles.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

dream from mission now.

dreamt of genius. dreamt my elder brothers, hometown folks, once
leaders in QRRS, all turned old. I passed them who playing Majiang
together and felt sad. then myself turns older and unbearable
intelligent work. then a cheap soul like CCP cadre invents
sculpturing on glass with color, replace paintings on it manuscript or
oil print. its merit is clear and vivid in 3D, but cost is material
wasted once solid sculptured, not reusable. I wondered CCP
administrative manner, reckless and environment unfriendly. then dream
the inventor, a guy super genius: he needn't backup hardware settings,
like I backup system images and important data times and relentlessly,
he talks directly to hardware binary likes operating software in GUI.
later he talked directly to a goat, let it be friend with me and my
son. the goat hears and got it. yesterday woz's new trousers I ordered
on taobao.com, for redeem my guilty in scorning him for no due respect
of new broadband internet, arrived, for its deliverer, yto.com, well
organized in its arena, really speedy. but what we demand, pocket for
cellphone, not exists on the trousers, instead, a fake pocket without
depth but just a zip for decoration. my son complained carrying
smartphone in his jacket pocket can be clogging, and loathes to bring
a new cheaper Chinese cellphone all day long. returned to dorm, I
tried to contact the taobao vendor. the site, taobao.com, quite
unfriend against its web service users, even punishing non client end
app users, from geographic restriction to frequently failing web im it
support only. I switched 3 computers, from chromeos to android to
windows, its im quits on all 3 platforms while previously it works
sometimes. I lately find the vendor's mobile phone and settled
replacing with new one our required pocket satisfied. I really need a
cellphone pocketed trousers, too, but we just can't afford it now even
its beneficence obvious and goodness predicts. in the night I watched
a documentary on world economic bubble burst emerging on youtube, that
reminds my vision Christian and other poverty pestered world esp
Islamic area, their competition lasts thousand years. government
bailout grows larger and severer, but America has to cope with
challenges from cheap human society's crowd, the bubble of wastes, esp
China and Islamic states. its time to show who is the chosen. now time
for Trump to discipline US and get rid of cheap people's siege. time
for beautiful new One world of Christian, around Israel. time to
manifest the world developmental power is not cheap human power, nor
cheap dictation in Communism, nor terrorist Muslim. only Christian the
life of prosperous, the source of plenty. time to clean the planet
with AI and robots, time to rid earth off cheap human beings and beast
alike terrorist, both too rampant and waste of land and air. this is
new mission for Trump, also mission of my Royal China of China Empire
reset ahead then lasting 1109 years. this is salvage and gospel of the

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

dream of losing smartphone.

At first I lingered gladly in tiny houses, likely with my 2nd elder
sister, likely in Japan. then found one of my 3 smartphones missing.
in panic I searched everywhere. then using its GPS location found the
stealer address. the 2 phone number is mathematical linked: sim card 1
number is added to number 2 card. I really can't afford losing them.
then many details on exact secret on the phones and their numbers.
just in panic I woke up and recognized in reality my phones all on my
desk intact. back to dream I still felt the panic painful. yesterday
is fruitful, I published monthly blog release. I watched amazon TV and
close watch small woman unstable emotionally broke her husband career
and her own life which is totally reckless and hopeless in ruins. I
wondered bitch in my life, my son's mom, desperate to hurt, means what
for her destiny. the tiny dog steps by steps went insane. my son after
a day didn't enable his indoor WIFI, likely under his mad mother's
ban. last week I got a surprising gain from QRRS, my once and long
time employer, ¥1000. I immediately renew woz's 8 domains with it,
left 3 expensive domain for next renewal will costs near ¥2000. God,
dad, its a bit dearer since last year, but godaddy China office girl
contacted me and help me finish the order with coupon unavailable
public. dad God, please allow us own our namespace as family heritage
lasting millenniums. I want share them with my offspring! grant us
financial freedom to pay the domain registrar. and please grant us to
keep our amazon associate account. we had been ditched once for poor
websites traffic. I had to mend all amazon ad code among my sites to
link with our new trackID. that's too boring and heavy load to
sustain. grant us minimum interactive rate amazon requires to sustain
our membership of its ad associate. dad God, remove us blockage the
small bitch laid between my son and me. show my son, woz, the future
world he pivots. bring me sooner my Royal China to extinguish hatred
rage, rip us off the dirty family of my son's mom and herself. put us
in sanctuary of holy mercy, and sole independence under the dome
without divided. thx for the peace in the morning, God.

Monday, February 27, 2017

dream in first school day of woz's 2017 spring term.

dreamt 2 or 3 my privileged senior middle school alumni, Zhu Zehua,
who's technical subjects usually score quite high, and some others
long time no see. we corporate and compete to produce rebellion
weapons. we also compete intelligently. we passed my hometown dam,
spring well with crowd among which we escape enemy's hunting. this
week a bit sad. gay in neighbor dorm room desperate stalks me.
surveillances my usage of toilet and follows to shit and leave it
unflushed. the sickened soul pretends coughing for quite some time and
he should dies in illness. my son's mom, the small bitch also tried
her best to challenge me. they mimic my son's monthly cinema day and
invited her mom to go cinema the night before my gathering day with my
son. all her knowledge is outdated and poor quality but still she day
by day gathering pupils at her house for tuition. one of her girl
friend whose father lent me camera when my son given birth at hospital
found some old photos of my son in the hospital agrees to send me
those precious photos but now hold back by the bitch, son's mom, for a
bargain. my son yesterday irritated me and I had to give him a lesson.
we previously agreed that our new broadband was a bliss holy and we
should make good usage. but on Sunday when I went to see him, he even
didn't power on broadband router in his house, but just reading paper
book of rephrased Chinese classic, A Dream of RED Mansions. I went mad
with his ignorance. I show brutal violent threat and scorned him for
near half hour in cause of his failing VPN and system update. I didn't
mean hurts but remind him his work, his future indispensable with high
tech including internet, while his mom and his grandma actually not
equipped it, for their cheap work mainly related with primitive tools.
my son show resolve when we went for lunch and shower, even after I
bought him extra fruits. on way returning to my dorm, I pray God to
let it the hard time for us to defeat, to slaughter our enemies by
hand and will. I beg Holy rewards us thicker after the adversity and
allow us to stick out of the dark curtain and smile. in the night I
felt guilty upon my son, and boring and sad for shopping online. I
bought my son a spring trousers with cellphone pocket. I also ordered
myself one but run out of money. so I entreated my kid brother to pay.
but the contemptible man enlist my phone number into his blacklist to
evade confrontation with me. God, let me remember the revengeful shame
sinful people insult us, the glorious One. bring me sooner my Royal
China to sustain the eastern Asia. bring me sooner Asoh Yukiko, my
Crowned Queen from Japan for peace among our heritage, our once more
glory cover half pacific ocean. grant us memories of retaliation.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

shallowly snowed.

the day before yesterday I worked overnight. the yesterday I felt
inspiration in ladies fulfilled my heart. I admire them so much, and
sympathetic to their pleasure seeking and concerns while none of them
lives in my life in past decade. in the night I dreamt first played
with kids. then among a kindergarten, I with my men with shotguns
played with kids crossword puzzle. we shoot to answer. then I likely a
royal captain of firearm brigade, operated them in war field where
fire distance matters. after wake up I wonder the small figure in
dream is Napoleon, who relentless with war fire till saw his own
failure and death after challenge Russian, the iced land. I saw
relentless love attempts for his concerned, esp women in his life. I
felt dizzy after morning alarm. even breakfast in canteen is
satisfying, I still trying finding nap after settle here my workload.
last afternoon bankcomm clearance crew buzzed in, show their interest
to interview. there is nothing new in their probation. they impotently
demanded me return at once my credit debt while It clearly out of
possibility in my situation, in which recent 3 months steadily
returning, ¥2000 paid every salary day. in the mid after found their
only aim is to intimidate me, I claimed they incapable to negotiate
with me, for there is nothing valuable or granting policy in their
holding card, so I arbitrarily quit the conversation. my work space
just resumed, I enjoyed my favorite Chinese podcasts, and Amazon prime
video in the rest of the day. God dad, last Monday after my ICBC
monthly credit statement revealed ¥700 left under account, I
immediately renew zhone 19th domain, billingzhu.com for my 2nd son, to
its longest life span, 5 years for ¥511. dad God, there is only one
thing unfinished in 2016 as annual, woz's 12 domains renewal. grant us
financial freedom to do the job. bring me sooner my Royal China to
sustain my offspring. bring Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan,
to home my new family. bring 2017 new monument for ever growing
mission to revitalize eastern Asia, for the grace and persistence of
Chinese and Japanese. thx dad God, for the snowing night and this
morning so quiet in sober.

Friday, February 10, 2017

late wake of lunar 2017.

dreamt of complicated time space pair. after 2 busy days at dorm, heat
gathered in central China gradually melt. my nose ran water a lot, and
shit softly, too. last night I perceived erotic dream drove by full
sperms, but in fact I didn't wet last night. rather, in dream I got
insight of time-space tangle. I saw a dynasty broke down and lots of
strange behaviors, like soldier don't know who to obey, court women
don't know how to survive in riot era. I saw my Nankai alumni went
class while I drift wild. I saw when time dissolves, events in space
can be floating around, losing their sequence. the result and the
cause in different time location can't be replaced, otherwise there
will be forecast, in time travel paradox. these days hard economy
again pestered me. I only gain a much shrinked ¥3000 in 2016 as year
end bonus from QRRS, my once and long time employer, comparing near
¥7000 in 2015. a policy gain, aid for poor staff, ¥1000 offered to me
by labor union. I handed over to dorm canteen at once, and next day I
had to borrow ¥200 again for living expense. now I have debt ¥1000 to
local contacts, and my anual renewal of zhone domains yet complete.
¥2000 will do the job like a breeze. then again every month I will
fight for dinning out twice a week with my son woz for gathering, and
my pills will add another ¥100. in the 3rd hometown flight tour, I
almost broke up with my kid brother who contempts me and cheats me
into endless waiting his aid. now my salary, at its best around ¥3000,
barely afford our lifestyle including credit debt compensation. but,
God, how I lucky in such failing economy maintaining such a small
burden of investment! and watch the grand produce of my endeavour and
willful. God, dad, I see so many affirmatives in holy message. please
firmly attach me onto faith of Christian. bring me sooner my Royal
China to fasten the falling treasure. bring me Asoh Yukiko to put
together the Empire dream and stipulation. grant me financial
independence to safeguard our startup so strong online.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

dream of software.

the night before yesterday I gave my son a lesson, for he too open and
vulnerable upon cheap offers. this night I felt blessed when we ready
to sleep. I first dreamt in art college saw many students and
computers running a software likely robohelp or tin?in. its a series
tools including 3d modeling, illustration, and presentation. in dream
I felt glad to fetch my pastime skill and sharpen them. I felt that
would more or less let me more energetic. then in my hometown village,
facing neighbor village there are 2 modern office malls where once
rice field. many small companies rent space there and share
introduction multimedia, project management or progress report online
there. I still dwelling on the robohelp and thought about app as
service, or the functions of presentation. I tried hard to sync our
data or put our running data into the app. the detail of program very
lengthy in dream, even cross the intervene of getting up to pee.2 days
ago I finally got informed that our train ticket booked, after more
than 60000 times bidding online by our travel agency, ctrip.com. so
last unease resolved and we really needn't hurry, just as holy
affirmed. my son once repulsive upon my teasing infant of my nephew's,
a 16 month old boy, after I told him why I glad to help infant with
empowering them with full heart support, he forgave me and I thankful
for his considerate. his willful pal, the grandson of my 2nd elder
sister, also quit hijacking my son with all flattered. I also openly
talked about fault of my 2nd elder sister whose family less attractive
and colder in heart, with her husband and daughter-in-law. the
daughter-in-law is a slim tall woman with adorable configure and I
tried to help her when she loathe to chores. I hope they don't pitfall
like some of my relatives. after all, we are family from my passed
grand father, God in heaven now. this is a sunny morning with clouds.
hopeful it will more shiny later. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal
China to home my offspring, to guest my concerned. bring me financial
independence to liberate some of my relatives trapped in wrong idea
and habit. grant me adequate fund to renew our domains, the last task
unfilled upon new year 2017.

Friday, January 27, 2017

dreamt woz in danger.

last night woke up earlier then dwelling in dreams. first dreamt in
zoo with dearest son, woz. 2 cheap girls recklessly open cage of tiger
and let it at large. we rushed to evade and scattered. when I returned
near zoo and found tiger caught woz and indecisively bited him. in
terror I scream for zoo manager's help. when he in sight and running
closer, I approached the tiger and woke up. I timely noted it on my
mobile. then dreamt an OCR software's advertisement on media. I was
more or less familiar with pirate warez once, so I'm sure I will get a
copy of the tool. I felt glad with it I can turn some Chinese textbook
and its tests digitally for woz's usage. then all dreams about flying,
with a delegation of school teachers likely in vacation tour. I can
fly without any voyage, and use it to challenge barrage around me.
this is a pale morning and eve of lunar new year. my returning train
ticket still pending while brokerage already handed in. woz gained
about ¥2100 pocket money from his hometown relatives. I didn't send
out any gift money, including my newly marriaged nephew. but I told
him my startup and hard economy and promised will help him in future
when my situation better. yesterday is the turning day of our vacation
here, half elapsed. we made nice demonstration to country guyes about
steam online games, chromecast mirror screen, English online videos.
our poor dell notebook almost broke down after heavily load of video
gaming, in frequent freeze now. I sincerely best wishes to my
relatives here, hoping someday I can improve their lives. they already
saw satisfactions in the decade when most nephews built their
families. God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to my larger family,
for my future offspring. bring me Asoh Yukiko for glory of regal
affair. grant us financial freedom to support my online startup.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

dream near lunar new year eve.

first dreamt inspecting a girl secretary of Communist Youth league.
she later in charge of a business owned by CCYL, then the business
turns in property of girl her own. then dreamt being an India school
boy. he studied diligently and guessed or cheated to know exam's topic
so scores highest. the topic likely about self-restrain, in Chinese in
dream exactly "纲功伐满". his mom and sister celebrate his performance.
his school dean who usually stern but now also welcomes him warmly.
the boy gladly goes shopping with award, a check. this morning I woke
up by the dream and made memo on my mobile. then I fell asleep again
till my son got up. my elder sister asked us stay for celebrating
lunar new year especially. my nephew came from my hometown village to
invite our visit but I defied it for I felt vengeful against my
brothers, esp my kid brother who made us harder when he had to aid me
meanly. so I decisively evade him and his family, including the
village, Zhudajiu where my 2 elder brothers didn't extend helping hand
during my credit debt crisis last year. among the relatives and rich
meal I abrupt left to my younger elder sister's house to blog. here my
2 nephews also hurry to downtown market. my dearest son, woz, aside me
with his pc games. lunar new year holiday can be boring, for lunar
harvest season doesn't exist nowadays. I just too far from any
celebration in my family affair, nor regal affair. with additional
¥300 in this salary from QRRS, I equipped my family amazon prime
another year, but nowhere to find fund to renew another 12 zhone
domains esp. under woz's title. God, dad, pl allow me finishing last
todo annually in this month. let 2017 anxious free and firm business
as seeds soiled. bring me sooner my Royal China to house my beloved,
my children. bring Asoh Yukiko when we still breed. grant us financial
independence and ability to see through adversity. thx dad.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

hometown flight tour 3rd almost half passed.

dreamt siblings competition on economy. mafia tried to control state
owned properties and bidding for merger. I was threatened to bid but
managed to, among my relatives influence. the flight toward hometown
esp. smooth, all my unease evaporated after a night and a day's on
way. its my first time brought a luggage and I had to ask stewardess
where to fetch it back. my son grows more confident in the journey
with flight. our neighbor seat was likely a graduate girl, we made
nice chats. we only had ¥500 budget for on road cost, and it did
cover, including taxi to my sister's house in a town, our destiny.
these days a nephew's wedding in preparing, for the bride's house too
far, in neighbor province, so she will move to hotel in the county's
capital in advance. tomorrow will be the wedding ceremony holds
locally. our returning voyage still pending, for the train ticket too
scarce to buy. we paid Ctrip.com to hunt for us, and it monitored more
than 500000 times and still going. the town's business mostly cement,
whose pollution quite severe. but today is second sunny day since our
settlement and sunniest one so far. the 2 sons of my sister each has a
car. their house newly furnished. I even already looking forward to
return while my son still find funs here. all equipment we brought
with us works well here, allowing woz to demonstrate online games with
gamepads, mobile games chromecast to large LCD. hope he find friends
here. God dad, we still have 12 domains to renew, pl grant us space to
execute it. bring me sooner my Royal China to host our friends and
relatives in glories. bring my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko,
for my family and children. thx, dad.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

ready to leave for hometown tour 3rd.

dreamt of my once campus alumnus, in surname Shi. he was one of 2
schoolmates helped me when I first settled in Qiqihar after
graduation. in dream his house near mountain and open. at first I
thought its scenery. then I anxious about safety. Shi first denied
problem then gradually admitted it. his only elder sister also join
conversation, review gunned robberies, as well as wild mountain
predators and their brutality hurt their family and young memories.
then I review our old house also near mountain and kept so well by my
grant dad, warm and self-relies. in reality when I first settled in
Qiqihar and visited Shi's house, his house is a little slum among
shabby northern China residential area. toilet was near mile away and
backyard least spacey. but after nearly 2 decades, many slums turned
into skyscrapers now and I don't know where is Shi and his old family.
these weeks preparing hometown tour 3rd with woz, dearest son. I
previous severe concerned if my credit debt deprives me of airline,
but narrowly I got our flight ticket in a mid Monday night. my kid
brother tried his best to sell poverty, claiming my sister can't
afford our flights but under my emphasis promised ¥5000 from my sister
arrived in 2 times remission my failing kid brother loathed to
complete. we got a flight toward hometown while return voyage is train
whose ticket paid but still in hunting by ctrip.com, a Chinese
mainstream travel agency, due to PRC cheap policy said to protect the
poor while in fact lots of mid handlers profit from the scare of train
ticket. my alipay also once strangely locked me out of payment, till
called its support crew to fix it. recently I most concerned if my
payment totally freezed but so far attests I at large with my assets.
nevertheless, with stocking Chinese Yuan, I equipped myself another
domain, billingzhu for my future new family member in holy message.
soon after I gained it from godaddy its strangely deleted from my
account. after spent near half day desperately resuming it, I had to
call godaddy support and found unknown deletion likely beyond my
activity. and PRC tighten law against personal domain, restricting ISP
within its sovereign from support. God, reckless dictator in sinking
PRC desperate clinging to my portal online. where is the barked tree
tall enough for voice of holy bliss, voice of hope in destructive
nation like China? bring me sooner my Royal China to extinguish
sickened tyrant in PRC falling day by day. bring me sooner my Crowned
Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and our happy journey to central China,
our hometown, in gathering our relatives in lunar new year 2017. grant
us free web and steady investment on our cyberspace startup. thx, dad